Green Onions

How Long Do Green Onions Last In The Fridge?

In case you love green onions, you would be aware of the significance of purchasing them fresh and maintaining their appropriate storage. But did you know that green onions can last in the refrigerator for up to two weeks? In this article we explain what makes green onions so special … Read more

chicken turkey

Can I Thaw A Turkey At Room Temperature?

When you are organizing a Thanksgiving feast, one of your main worries could be deciding on the type of bird to offer. If you want to go with something traditional (and delicious), then you should consider a whole roasted turkey. However, if you’re on a budget or just looking for … Read more

Mustard Or Ketchup

Mustard Or Ketchup?

The discussion about condiments continues to spark controversy. Some people love the tangy mustard and others adore the sweet ketchup. The battle has been going on for decades, but it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. In honor of National Hot Dog Day (August 6), we want to know … Read more

Brown Ground Beef

Is Brown Ground Beef Bad?

There are various types of ground beef, each displaying a distinct color — it can be pink, red, white, or even purple. But what about brown ground beef? Is this type of ground beef safe to eat? What are the health risks associated with eating brown ground beef? As with … Read more

Dried Cherries

Freeze Dried Cherries?

Should you be in need of a meal or snack option that is hassle-free to transport and doesn’t necessitate refrigeration, freeze-dried cherries could be an excellent choice for you. What are freeze dried cherries? Freeze-dried cherries are a type of dried fruit. They are not really fruits at all, but … Read more

Roast Beef

How Long Is Roast Beef Good For?

Roast beef is a delectable and satisfying dish that is often favored for festive events such as holidays or birthdays. But, it can be hard to know exactly how long you should eat your roast beef before it goes bad. The best way to find out how long roast beef … Read more


Blue Cornmeal?

Blue cornmeal is a widely favored food item readily available in the majority of grocery stores. It comes in several different varieties and has many different uses. If you have never tried blue cornmeal before, here’s everything you need to know about this delicious ingredient. What is blue cornmeal? Blue … Read more

Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass Store?

How did you discover the Lemon Grass Store? One day, while surfing the internet, I stumbled upon the website of the Lemon Grass Store. I had never heard of it before but decided to check it out. The first thing I noticed about the site is how well designed it … Read more

Drink Margarita

Ready To Drink Margarita?

Desire a change from your regular cocktail? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have an amazing selection of ready-to-drink margaritas that will surely satisfy any craving. What is in a Ready To Drink Margarita? A ready-to-drink (RTD) margarita has all the flavor components of a traditional margarita, but … Read more

Lemon Pie

Lemon Pie Filling In A Can?

These days, it’s not difficult to find a wide range of lemon pie fillings on the shelves of supermarkets. But if you don’t want to spend hours making one yourself, there are plenty of ways to get your hands on this tasty treat. For example, there are several pre-made lemon … Read more


How Long Will Food Stay Good In Freezer Without Power?

During crises or catastrophes, individuals commonly resort to their freezers to preserve their possessions. This includes food and drinks, but also clothing, medicine and other items. But what happens when your home’s power goes out and your freezer keeps on cooling down? While this might seem like an obvious question, … Read more


Can I Bring A Sandwich Through Tsa?

The stress of flying is undeniable, and it only intensifies if you have to concern yourself with what to consume during your journey. But that doesn’t mean you should have to give up your favorite snacks and meals when traveling by air. Here’s everything you need to know about bringing … Read more


How Long To Christmas?

Once more, we find ourselves in the season of exchanging gifts. Christmas has become one of the biggest shopping seasons in the world, with many people spending thousands on gifts for their loved ones. It’s a great opportunity to show someone how much they mean to you – but if … Read more


Jar Of Capers?

Your dishes can get a boost of salty taste by adding a jar of capers. They’re perfect for salads, pasta dishes, or as a garnish on your favorite meal. If you’ve never tried capers before, here’s everything you need to know about them. What are capers? Capers are pickled flower … Read more


Canned Sauerkraut?

Sauerkraut in a can is a kind of cabbage that has been pickled, frequently served as a side dish or condiment. Canned sauerkraut is available in grocery stores and can also be found online. What is canned sauerkraut? Sauerkraut is a fermented product made from shredded cabbage (and sometimes other … Read more


Frozen Catfish?

Since the 1960s, the catfish industry in the United States has been experiencing steady growth. In fact, the U.S. now produces more than half of all catfish caught and sold worldwide. But what’s even more impressive about this fish is that it’s not actually a cat. Instead, it belongs to … Read more

turkey chicken

Best Store Bought Turkey Gravy?

Various methods can be used to turn your bird into a delectable treat for Thanksgiving dinner. The easiest way is to buy a frozen turkey and cook it yourself. However, if you don’t have time to prepare the meal, you can always pick up a pre-cooked bird from the grocery … Read more

Turkey Dinners

Frozen Turkey Dinners?

Searching for a Thanksgiving dinner recipe that is budget-friendly and time-saving? Consider opting for a frozen turkey dinner. These meals contain all of the necessary ingredients for a great meal — from the turkey itself to the stuffing, gravy, and even sweet potatoes. How do you cook a frozen turkey … Read more


Dry Cookie?

Did you ever ponder about how it would be to prepare a bunch of cookies without the presence of any butter, oil, eggs, or other moisture-containing ingredients? That’s right, that’s how you make a dry cookie! We’re talking about those thin, crispy cookies with no sugar, flour, or anything else … Read more

Raw Chicken Left Out Overnight

Raw Chicken Left Out Overnight?

Is your refrigerator constantly filled with raw chicken? If so, you might consider leaving it out overnight. While this may sound like a great idea, it’s not recommended by the U.S.Department of Agriculture (USDA). Your best bet for keeping your refrigerator stocked with fresh chicken is to purchase it the … Read more

cook turkey

How Long Can You Keep Cooked Turkey In The Fridge?

Cooking turkey is straightforward and it’s difficult to mess it up. It has a rich flavor that pairs well with almost any other food. Plus, it’s cheap, so there’s no reason not to try your hand at making it yourself. If you’re looking to get started on a new Thanksgiving … Read more

Chicken Breasts

How Long Can Chicken Breasts Be Frozen?

When you’re next dealing with a substantial quantity of boneless, skinless chicken breast, you might think about freezing it. You can save money and get more bang for your buck when you freeze your own food. But how long can chicken breasts be frozen? And what steps should you take … Read more

Thanksgiving Turkey Still Frozen

Can You Refreeze A Partially Thawed Turkey?

Should you be on the hunt for a fresh take on your Thanksgiving dinner this year and find yourself short on time to prepare it yourself, you always have the alternative of purchasing a frozen turkey from your local supermarket. Can you refreeze a partially thawed turkey? The short answer … Read more

frozen kale

Frozen Kale?

Kale has enjoyed popularity for several years due to its nutritional value. It is abundant in nutrients such as vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, fiber, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids. But when it comes to freezing, kale turns out to be quite the disappointment. What is the … Read more

Potatoes And Onions

How To Store Potatoes And Onions?

Potatoes and onions are both excellent in culinary use, however, they don’t exactly possess the most appealing appearances among vegetables. They don’t look good sitting out on your countertop or in your fridge, which means storing them is important. You want to make sure that they stay fresh as long … Read more

Onion Soup2

Canned French Onion Soup?

A lot of individuals perennially associate French onion soup with the chilliest period of the year. While it’s true that this hearty soup can be delicious when served hot, it also makes for a great winter warmup. The French have been enjoying this classic soup for centuries. It was first … Read more


Storing Lemongrass?

Greens such as spinach, kale, and collards are not difficult to cultivate, however, storing them can pose a challenge. The same goes for lemongrass, which has a strong flavor that can quickly fade if not kept fresh. But there’s good news: You can easily preserve this herb by freezing it, … Read more

Best Frozen Pot Pie

Best Frozen Pot Pie?

Pot pies have a long history, and are among the oldest savory pies that exist in America. They were originally made with meat and vegetables that were cooked together in a cast iron skillet until they formed a thick sauce. The dish was then served piping hot with a side … Read more

Turnip Greens

Canned Turnip Greens?

Turnips have existed for several millennia. They’re easy to grow and their roots store well in cold weather. However, if you don’t know how to cook them, they might seem intimidating. But with just a few tweaks to your cooking method, you can get some amazing flavor out of this … Read more

Where To Buy Smelts

Where To Buy Smelts?

The practice of smelt fishing dates back to the Stone Age, making it an ancient activity. It involves catching fish by means of nets and then smoking the fish over open fires. Today, it’s still a common practice but now it’s done on boats instead of land. The fish are … Read more


How Long Does A Smoothie Last In The Fridge?

Smoothies offer a tasty and effortless method to consume your daily requirements of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. They’re also a quick and convenient way to prepare breakfast or lunch on-the-go. Whether you want to try out a new recipe, experiment with different fruits and vegetables, or just like the idea … Read more

Water Chestnuts Canned

Water Chestnuts Canned?

The water chestnut is a fruit produced by a plant known as the water chestnut tree. It’s native to China and Japan, but it has been grown in other places since then. What are water chestnuts? Water chestnuts are a type of edible tuber or root vegetable. They look like … Read more

Can You Refreeze Chicken

Can You Refreeze Chicken?

The process of cooling or refrigerating is critical in the preparation and storage of food. It prevents bacteria from growing on your food, which means it helps keep you healthy by keeping harmful organisms off your plate. But what happens when you remove your food from the refrigerator and return … Read more

Can You Freeze Raw Eggs

Can You Freeze Raw Eggs?

Eggs are among the most adaptable food items available — they’re incorporated in a variety of dishes, ranging from breakfast to dessert. But when it comes to storing eggs, there are two ways to go about it. Can you freeze raw eggs? The short answer is “yes,” but only if … Read more

Is Canned Spinach Good For You

Is Canned Spinach Good For You?

Should you have ever attempted to eat frozen spinach, you may have discerned that its flavor doesn’t exactly hit the mark. It’s bland, and it doesn’t hold up well when heated. If you’re looking for something with more flavor, try canned spinach. Canned spinach is packed full of vitamins and … Read more

Dried Sage Leaves

Dried Sage Leaves?

Sage is a widely-used kitchen herb that holds a prolonged history and strong ties in culinary practices. It’s one of those herbs that most people have no trouble identifying, but few know much about. In this article we’ll talk about how to grow sage, why it’s so popular in the … Read more

Dried Dill

Dried Dill?

Dried dill has been an essential ingredient in kitchens and larders for countless years. It was originally used as a spice for pickles and salads, but today it’s also used as an ingredient in many different dishes. What is dried dill? Dried dill is a botanical herb called dill, which … Read more

Black Peppercorns

Whole Black Peppercorns?

Black peppercorns hold the distinction of being among the most ancient and widely favored spices in the world. They have been known to humans since ancient times, when they were first cultivated in India. The pepper plant originated in Asia and was spread throughout the world by explorers, traders, and … Read more

Do Lollipops Expire

Do Lollipops Expire?

Lollipops aren’t just for children; many of us fondly recall enjoying them as a special treat during our younger years. They were a staple of many birthday parties and holiday celebrations, especially Halloween. But did you know that these sweet treats have an expiration date? And what does that mean … Read more

Best Bottled Caesar Dressing

Best Bottled Caesar Dressing?

The enduring popularity of this traditional salad dressing is no coincidence; it’s been a favorite since the 1940s for good reason. It is incredibly versatile and delicious. You can use it to make everything from a simple Caesar salad to a creamy Caesar dressing with shrimp or even an Italian-style … Read more

Canned Mackerel

Canned Mackerel?

Mackerel is among the most favored varieties of seafood in current times. This fish is full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which help to reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation. What is canned mackerel? Canned mackerel is a type of preserved fish that is often found in grocery stores. It … Read more

Bean Soup

Can You Freeze Bean Soup?

Bean soup, having been in existence for hundreds of years, is among the most favored soups globally. It’s easy to make and versatile enough to be enjoyed at any meal. But how do you store your homemade bean soup so that it lasts longer? In this article we’ll cover everything … Read more

Best Canned Corned Beef

Best Canned Corned Beef?

Corned beef is a retro dish that predates the establishment of America as a nation. It’s traditionally served on St Patrick’s Day as a celebration of Irish heritage. But did you know that it’s also delicious when cooked and served during the holidays? In this article we will be looking … Read more

Dried Jujube

Dried Jujube?

In Asia, dried jujube is among the most favored kinds of dried fruit. It’s also known as Chinese dates or Japanese dates. This article will explain what it is, how to store it, and how to prepare it for cooking. You can also learn more about the health benefits of … Read more

bamboo shoots

Canned Bamboo Shoots?

If you desire a delicious and nutritious method to incorporate an additional crunch to your dishes, consider using canned bamboo shoots! They’re a great source of fiber and nutrients, and they’re very versatile – you can use them in stir-fries, soups, salads, and more. What are canned bamboo shoots? Bamboo … Read more


Strawberry Mold?

If you’ve ever picked a ripe strawberry and experienced it start to decay, then you understand the feeling when your cherished fruit begins to spoil. The culprit behind this rotten feeling isn’t always bacteria or a virus – sometimes it’s a fungus. In fact, there are many different types of … Read more

Raw salmon

Raw Salmon In Fridge For 3 Days?

You might be questioning the safety of consuming the raw salmon that’s been in your fridge for three days. If you don’t want to risk getting food poisoning from eating raw fish, here’s a guide to help you determine if your salmon is still good. Is raw salmon safe to … Read more

Hot Roll Mix

Hot Roll Mix?

Just about anything can turn into a quick lunch or dinner with the help of a good hot roll mix. You can even bake it yourself, using only a few ingredients! If you love to bake bread but don’t want to spend hours kneading dough, rolling it out, and waiting … Read more


Frozen Turnips?

Turnips are a highly favored vegetable during the winter season. They’re known for their ability to grow quickly and produce large amounts of food in just a few weeks. In fact, they’re so prolific that farmers often plant them in rows right next to each other. But you don’t have … Read more

Canned Fava Beans

Canned Fava Beans?

For thousands of years, humans have relished the unpretentious fava bean. It’s one of the oldest cultivated crops in the world, dating back to about 6500 B.C.E. In fact, the first written record of this ancient crop comes from the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Fava beans are also known as broad … Read more