Foods That Start With X

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In this post, I list various kinds of food that begin with the letter X. See the whole food dictionary!



An aromatic Indian curry. This curry is cooked with lamb, chicken, or beef. The meat is flavored with coconut, red chili peppers, and white poppy seeds. The coconut is used shredded to thicken the texture of the dish. This is a classic recipe from the Goa region.

Xalapa Punch

A strong-flavored punch made combining black tea, rum, red wine and apple brandy. The mixture is sweetened with honey and sugar, and mixed in a punch bowl filled with ice. This flavorful punch is served garnished with diced oranges and lemons.

Xampinyons En Salsa

Xampinyons En Salsa

An easily prepared meal with mushrooms as the main ingredient. It is made by cooking a sauce using onions, garlic, tomato puree, and sherry wine, and then adding in the mushrooms, allowing them to simmer until soft. These flavorful mushrooms pair well with chicken, vegetables, or pasta. The name of the dish is translated as ‘’mushrooms in sauce’’.


An old-fashioned cocktail made of equal parts of gin, chartreuse, and cherry brandy. It is served in a chilled cocktail glass. The recipe for this drink recipe dates back to the 1920s.

Xavier Soup

An Italian soup made of Parmesan dumplings served in chicken stock. The soup was inspired by Saint Francis Xavier, a Spanish missionary from the 16th century, and it is traditionally served during the feast of Saint Francis. These little dumplings are made of batter seasoned with nutmeg and cinnamon and enriched with heavy cream and Parmesan cheese. They are boiled in salty water until soft and then transferred to the chicken stock in which they and served.

Xavier Steak

Xavier Steak

This is a dish composed of steak, asparagus, and Swiss cheese. The steak and asparagus are seasoned and cooked together. Once done, the dish is served by placing asparagus on top of the steak and adding the cheese so it slowly melts on the warm vegetable. It is believed that the dish was invented in New York at the early beginning of the 19th century.

Xcatik Chile Pepper

Long, yellow chili pepper originally cultivated in Yucatan, Mexico. This is a hot, spicy pepper used to add flavor to traditional Yucatan meals. It is most commonly used whole, cooked in a dish without being sliced or peeled. The xcatic peppers are often used in stews, soups, and seafood meals.


A dish made from corn flour as the main ingredient. The additional ingredients can vary according to the origin of the recipe. Xerem is traditionally prepared in Cape Verde (mixed with butter and salt or tuna, onions, and cocoa milk), Brazil (made with dried corn kernels), or Portugal (combined with ham, bacon, and clams).

Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao

Small steamed buns, prepared in a bamboo steaming basket named Xiaolin. They are also referred to as soup dumplings because they are traditionally served with soup. They can be made of leavened dough or unleavened dough which is made by mixing the dough with water. They are originally filled with pork, but other meats or seafood can be used instead.

Xi Gua Lao

A Chinese dessert traditionally made in Beijing cuisine. Xi Gua Lao recipe starts by making a sugar syrup flavored with vanilla, and thickened with agar. Next, watermelon is mashed into a juice, while cherries are thinly sliced. The fruit is mixed with syrup and served cool. The name of this dessert translated as ‘’watermelon jelly’’ refers to its firm, jelly-like consistency.


A traditional Chinese soup made of peameal seasoned with coriander, ginger, and dry chili, mixed with garlic, spring onion, and Sichuan pepper oil. This dish can be most commonly found in Yunnan province in southwest China, where it is usually served with bread or a traditional deep-fried dough named youtiao.

Xia Mi

A sun-dried shrimp used in Asian cuisine to add an umami flavor. The dried shrimp differs in taste from the fresh one. It is sweet and more intense in flavor. Xia mi can be added to soups, fried rice, rice noodles and other traditional meals to enrich their flavor. Xia mi is and important ingredient in East Asian, South Asian and Southeast Asian dishes.



A type of watermelon cultivated in China as a member of the squash family. It is composed of soft, juicy flesh and unedible tough, yellow, or green skin. Xigua is smaller in size than regular watermelons. It has a small number of seeds which is why it is known as the ‘’non-seed watermelon’’. This type of watermelon is high in water content and rich in vitamin A, C, and B5, and potassium.

Xingren Donfu

Gelatin dessert made of kernel or apricot milk. It is often sweetened with sugar. This is a Chinese dessert, particularly popular in Beijing.

Xinomavro Grape

A type of grapes cultivated in Greece which are used for wine production. Xinomavro wine has a reputation as one of the top-quality wines commercially sold in this country. These grapes have a dark purple color and are a very intense and sour flavor. They are also known as Vitis vinifera.



Traditional Yucatán spicy salsa made of tomatoes, onion, Habanero pepper, and orange. It is seasoned with salt, orange, and lime juice. This salsa has a fresh, citrusy aroma combined with the hot flavor of spicy Habanero. It is similar to pico de gallo salsa.

XO sauce

XO sauce

A spicy Chinese sauce made from dried scallops and shrimps, red chili, cured ham, and garlic. It is seasoned with canola oil. The xo sauce is especially popular in southern China, often paired with cooked rice, eggs, meat, or dumplings.



The name of the original chocolate made by ancient Aztecs. At the time it was in a form of a bitter hot chocolate seasoned with hot chili peppers. Xocolati is supposed to be very spicy and strong, nothing like the sweet hot chocolate made around the world today.


This is a small pear-shaped cactus fruit, native to Central Mexico. It has juicy flesh but very sour and tart in flavor. For this reason, it is mostly used preserved in jams and chutneys, or cooked in sauces.


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