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Coffee Makers

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This page contains all the resources I have on coffee makers: what is a good coffee maker, how is it different from an espresso machine, do you need a grinder, and how to choose one.

People Ask

What is a coffee maker?
A coffee maker is an electric kitchen appliance used for brewing coffee by pouring hot water on ground coffee placed in a filter. This process is also known as ‘drip-brew’. Brewing with a paper filter results in a clear, consistent coffee with a strong caffeine flavor.
How does a coffee maker work?
Water poured into a reservoir is boiled to the temperature of 90-96ºC. The tube system is carrying boiling water upwards until it reaches the shower head where it is being poured over the filter with ground coffee. Water extracts flavor from the coffee and drips to the cup or carafe below.
Coffee maker system is based on thermally induced pressure that sends water up to the shower head and gravity that pulls it down through the filter.
How to use a coffee maker?
  1. Start by placing a filter with ground coffee in a filter basket.
  2. Pour cold water into a reservoir.
  3. Turn on the coffee maker.
  4. Wait for the coffee to be brewed.
  5. Coffee will now pour into your carafe or pot.
  6. Take the carafe/pot off and pour coffee into a cup.

Which Coffee Maker Should I Buy?

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