Air Fried Chicken Breast

Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast in an Air Fryer

Air-fried chicken breast is much better than baking or stovetop. It surprisingly retains so much moisture, you get fewer calories, and the taste is amazing. You can try just salt & peppering them, air frying frozen chicken breast, reheating, – or this elaborate breaded variation. Tips Fresh spinach can be … Read more

Fried Dough from a Toaster Oven

Fried Dough in a Toaster Oven

This is great if you have leftover dough. You can fry it on a pan or, in this case, in a toaster oven (a healthier choice). It is great sweet (with some jam or sugar and cinnamon) or savory (with some feta cheese). Navajos call it “fry bread”.

Air Fried Brussels Sprouts

Air Fried Brussels Sprouts With Bacon

Yes. In an air fryer. Usually not the most beloved food around (especially with kids), these become some serious noms! Tips Cut Brussels sprouts in half or quarters, but make sure the pieces are even-sized in order for them to be cooked at the same time. Don’t forget to check … Read more