Foods That Start With D

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In this article, I intend to list different types of food that begin with the letter D.

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Foods That Start With D

A white root vegetable with green leaves, a type of winter radish.

It is native to East Asia and a popular ingredient in Japanese and Chinese cuisine. It has a mild flavor and it is a good source of vitamin C.

Various Asian stir-fried or cooked meals include daikon.

It is also used raw in salads or as a garnish.


French dessert cake made with layers of meringue and buttercream or whipped cream.

The light meringue is made with ground almonds and hazelnuts.

This cake has a creamy, crispy texture and a nutty aroma. It can also include a layer of chocolate ganache.

The recipe is very versatile and can be used as a base for other cakes.

The term dacquoise also refers to a single baked meringue layer.


Foods That Start With D

Cocktail with rum, lime juice, and sugar as main ingredients.

It is originally served in a glass with cracked ice, but in the modern version of the recipe ice is blended in a shaker with the remaining ingredients, and the drink is served in a chilled glass.

Daiquiri has a nice balance between sweet and sour.

Along with the basic daiquiri ingredients, fruits like strawberries, bananas or grapefruits can be added to create Strawberry, Banana, or Hemingway daiquiri, famous types of this cocktail.


Foods That Start With D

Dal, also known as daal, dail, dhal, dahl, is an Indian term for a variety of legumes – beans, lentils, or split peas and soups made from them.

Dal soup is made across India in different versions that all include simmering beans with onions, tomatoes, and spices.


Foods That Start With D

A type of plum originally from the Mediterranean area.

It is oval-shaped covered in purple skin that has a very tart flavor, so damson fruit is mainly used in cooking in jam or liqueur production.

It is similar in taste to plum, but with a slightly more bitter and acidic flavor.

Danish Pastry

Foods That Start With D

Danish Pastry, or simply Danish, is a baked dessert with layers of buttery puff pastry, often topped with fruit filling, nuts, or custard.

It is made of flour, milk, sugar and eggs combined into a dough that is then rolled out into thin layers with butter in between.

It was brought to Denmark by Austrians in the 19th century and named “wienerbrød” meaning ‘’Vienna bread’’

Dark Chocolate

Foods That Start With D

A type of chocolate with the highest level of cocoa beans.

It contains 50-90% cocoa beans, cocoa butter, and sugar.

Unlike milk or white chocolate, dark chocolate usually doesn’t contain milk and it has a distinctive bitter-sweet flavor.

It is considered to be the healthiest form of chocolate, packed with antioxidants, vitamin B6, iron, and magnesium.


Foods That Start With D

A type of taro plant, a tropical root vegetable of the family Araceae.

It is a food staple in Africa, South Asia, Oceania and also cultivated in cuisines across the world.

It is often consumed as a substitute for potato and used the same way – cooked, mashed, roasted, or fried.

Dasheen is also referred to as ‘’elephant ears’’ because of the size and shape of the plant leaves.


Foods That Start With D

Fish stock made from dried seaweed, native to Japan and used as a base for various Japanese meals, such as miso or broth soup, sauces or ramen.

Different versions of dashi stock can be made, each with its own specific use in Japanese specialties.


Foods That Start With D

Date or date palm is a brown, oval fruit of the palm tree, grown in various cultivars across the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and the Southern United States.

About 80 % of this fruit consists of sugar, so it tastes very sweet and, when dried, sugar concentration gets even higher.

This is the reason why they are a natural sweetener in desserts, especially in vegan and raw cakes.


Diospyros lotus, a fruit of the Ebenaceae family, also named date-plum due to its taste that resembles the taste of both date and plum.

This is a small, round-shaped, yellow, or brown berry with a sweet, juicy flavor.

Date-plum is cultivated in southeastern Europe and southwest Asia, being especially popular in the Black Sea region.


Daube is a classic Provençal (or more broadly, French) stew made with inexpensive beef braised in wine, vegetables, garlic, and herbes de Provence, and traditionally cooked in a daubière, a braising pan.

A traditional daubière is a terracotta pot that resembles a pitcher, with a concave lid.

Water is poured on the lid, which condenses the moisture inside, allowing for the long cooking required to tenderize lesser cuts of meat.

Delicata Squash

Foods That Start With D

A type of winter squash, also known by the names peanut squash or sweet potato squash.

It is originally cultivated in North and Central America.

This squash can be recognized by its delicate cream-colored skin with dark green stripes.

It has a smaller size than the other squashes and therefore it is easier to handle.

It is typically served baked or stuffed.

The seeds can also be eaten, after being toasted.

Deep-Dish Pizza

Foods That Start With D

Chicago-style pizza usually refers to deep-dish pizza, which is a thick pizza baked in a pan and layered with cheese, fillings like meat and vegetables, and sauce–in that order.

The crust is usually two to three inches tall and gets slightly fried due to the oil in the pan.

The main distinction between deep-dish pizza and New York-style pizza or Neapolitan pizza is that, as the name suggests, the crust is very deep, creating a bulky pizza that is more similar to a pie than a flatbread.

Although the entire pizza is very thick, the crust itself is thin to medium in thickness.

Devil’s Food Cake

Foods That Start With D

Decadent and rich-flavored chocolate cake, made of cocoa powder or melted chocolate (or both) mixed with butter, flour, eggs, and baking soda.

It originated in the 20th century in the United States, as the opposite of the airy and light Angel Food Cake.

The silky, powerful taste comes from using the combination of chocolate and cocoa powder.

It gets an airy texture thanks to baking soda.

To make this cake even tastier, layers of chocolate ganache or white frosting are added between the cake layers.

Deviled Eggs

Foods That Start With D

Sliced hard-boiled eggs, stuffed with a mixture of egg yolks, mustard, and mayonnaise, which is why they are also named stuffed or dressed eggs.

They are served cold as an appetizer or a side dish.

Modified versions of the recipe exist in many countries, like Russian eggs, Russian salad or mimosa salad in Europe, and huevos a la Peruana (“Peruvian eggs”) in Latin America.

Deviled Ham

Foods That Start With D

Like deviled eggs, the Deviled Ham recipe got its name from the addition of spices, black pepper, and hot sauce.

According to Smithsonian Mag, the term “devilling food” has been around since the 18th century, where it describes a dish highly seasoned.

It makes sense because back then most people ate lightly seasoned food like potatoes, bread, and milk.

Adding a kick of spice would seem like the work of the devil.


Foods That Start With D

Diavolini are small candy used to decorate cakes or pastry.


Foods That Start With D

Herb of the celery family used fresh or dried to add flavor to soups, dips, sauces, salads, and pickles.

Both leaves and seeds are edible and consumed in many European and Asian meals.

Dill is a rich source of beneficial vitamins (vitamin B and C) and minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium).

Dim Sums

Foods That Start With D

Dim sum is a traditional Chinese meal made up of small plates of dumplings and other snack dishes and is usually accompanied by tea.

Similar to the way that the Spanish eat tapas, the dishes are shared among family and friends.

Typically dim sum is consumed during brunch hours — late morning to lunchtime.


Filipino blood stew made of diced pork offal sautéed in onion and garlic and cooked in a mixture of pig blood, vinegar, and spices.

Chicken or beef can be used other than pork.

Dinuguan is traditionally served with puto, a Filipino rice cake.

Dolichos Beans

Tropic legume, also known as lablab bean, variable in shape and size and usually purple to pale green.

These beans have white, brown, red, or black seeds, that are used to make tofu and tempeh.

The leaves are also edible, raw, or cooked, while the bean itself is always consumed boiled.

They are strong-flavored and a valuable source of protein.


Foods That Start With D

A group of stuffed meals, named after the Turkish word ‘’dolma’’ which means ‘’stuffed’’ or ‘’to fill’’.

It has been accepted as the name for all stuffed vegetables in Balkan Peninsula, Caucasus, Middle East, and Central Asia.

Vegetables used for dolma such as pepper, zucchini, eggplant, or squash are filled with minced meat, rice, or a mixture of both.

Lamb or pork is often used for preparing the stuffing.

Dolma rolls with cabbage and vine leaves stuffed with meat and rice are named sarma and they are highly popular in the countries ruled by the former Ottoman Empire.


Foods That Start With D

Doughnuts or donuts are a sweet dessert, made of deep-fried round or ring-shaped dough.

The dough is made of flour, eggs, sugar, milk, oil (or butter), and yeast (or baking powder).

Fried dough is filled with cream, custard, fruit jam, chocolate, and other sweet filling and typically glazed with sugar icing or melted chocolate and topped with colorful sprinkles or covered with powdered sugar.

They are prepared and consumed worldwide, served with a glass of milk for breakfast, as a sweet snack or a dessert.

Dragon Fruit

Foods That Start With D

A tropical fruit named after its unique appearance – a distinctive reddish-pink skin covered with green spikes.

It comes from the cactus family of plants, native to Central America and the northern part of Latin America.

This fruit is also known as pitaya or strawberry pear.

Sliced in half, it shows a white pulp with tiny black seeds, that has a juicy, slightly sweet aroma, similar to a pear or kiwi.

Dragon fruit is low in calories with a good amount of vitamin C, calcium, and fiber.

Dried Fruit

Foods That Start With D

Fruit that’s had water removed from it through sun drying or using food dehydrators.

When dried, fruits get highly concentrated in sugar, calories, and nutrients.

This is why they are consumed in smaller portions compared to the fresh ones.

Popular types of dried fruits are raisins, apricots, peaches, cranberries, dates, cherries, and apples.

All these fruits taste much sweeter when dried, and they also have a longer shelf life.

They are often consumed as a snack, added to breakfast cereals or desserts.


Foods That Start With D

In food terminology, duck or duckling (when the meat comes from a juvenile duck) refers to duck meat, the meat of several species of bird in the family Anatidae, found in both fresh and saltwater.

One species of freshwater duck, the mallard, has been domesticated and is a common livestock bird in many cultures.

Duck is eaten in various cuisines around the world.

Duck Sauce

Foods That Start With D

f you’re from the Midwest or Eastern seaboard of the United States, duck sauce is likely an orange jelly-like substance—similar to the sweet-and-sour sauce but with a fruitier flavor—that comes in packets with your Chinese takeout.

It’s typically used for dipping crispy noodles, egg rolls, and other fried foods.

For most New Englanders, duck sauce is a brownish, sweet, and chunky sauce served on the table in Chinese restaurants.

And if you’re from someplace like San Diego or a San Francisco Bay Area native, chances are you’ve never even heard the name.

Dulce de Leche

Foods That Start With D

Dulce de leche means ‘’sweet milk’’ or ‘’candy made of milk’’ in Spanish.

It is a confection made by heating sweetened milk until it gets creamy, thick, and brown-colored like caramel.

It originally comes from Latin America, where it is made out of cow’s milk or caramelized goat’s milk know as cajeta.

It is used as filling for fried dough desserts like donuts and churros, or simply poured as a sauce over cakes, pancakes, and waffles.


Foods That Start With D

Dumplings are small balls of wrapped dough, often steamed, boiled, or fried.

They are popular in traditional cuisines around the world, with each country having its own version of the recipe.

Asian dumplings are typically made of thin dough filled with minced meat or vegetables and steamed or boiled.

In Europe, they are made of flour and potato dough, wrapped around fruits like plums or apricots or they are ravioli-shaped and filled with sweet or savory fillings.

In the United States, they are most often baked and added to savory or sweet meals.


Foods That Start With D

A tropical fruit, native to Southeast Asia, known as the smelliest fruit in the world.

It has a very distinctive thorn-covered skin and a strong odor.

While many varieties of durian exist, only Durio zibethinus is sold in the stores outside the countries that cultivate this fruit like Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.

While the smell of the fruit can be unpleasant (which is why in some countries it is forbidden to eat durian in public places), the taste of the cream-colored pulp is creamy and flavorful and compared to a variety of flavors like almonds, garlic, onions or cheese.

Foods That Start With D

Pioneer Woman’s Deviled Eggs: The Perfect Appetizer For Your Next Party

If you’re looking for a show-stopping appetizer that will have everyone talking, look no further than Pioneer Woman’s deviled eggs.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Breakfast
Cuisine American
Servings 4
Calories 28 kcal


  • 1 Pot



  • Start by hard-boiling a dozen eggs.To do this, place the eggs in a pot of cold water and bring them to a boil.Once they’re boiling, let them cook for approximately 12 minutes.
  • Once the eggs are done cooking, remove them from the pot and place them in a bowl of ice water.This will stop the cooking process and make them easier to handle.
  • Once the eggs are cooled, carefully peel off the shells.
  • Cut the eggs in half, lengthwise, and remove the yolks.
  • To make the filling, place the egg yolks in a bowl and mash them with a fork.
  • Add mayonnaise, yellow mustard, chopped pickles, pickle juice, granulated sugar, white vinegar, Tabasco sauce, salt, and black pepper to the bowl and mix until everything is well combined.
  • To fill the eggs, use a spoon or a piping bag to fill the egg whites with the yolk mixture.
  • Garnish the eggs with paprika and serve.And that’s it! These Pioneer Woman-deviled eggs will be a hit at your next party.So, what are you waiting for? Get cooking!



Calories: 28kcalCarbohydrates: 2gProtein: 2gFat: 1gSaturated Fat: 0.4gPolyunsaturated Fat: 0.4gMonounsaturated Fat: 0.5gTrans Fat: 0.01gCholesterol: 41mgSodium: 163mgPotassium: 97mgFiber: 1gSugar: 2gVitamin A: 1021IUVitamin C: 39mgCalcium: 17mgIron: 0.4mg
Keyword Pioneer Woman’s Deviled Eggs
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