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Corned Beef Sandwich

It’s been two years since I was in New York and got to try the famous Katz pastrami sandwich on rye (extra mustard and complete with a can of cel-ray). This is not the same, but can scratch the itch. You will need: a skillet and a toaster oven.

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Roasted Pork Sandwiches

This recipe requires a slow cooker, but it’s definitely worth the wait. This recipe yields 4 servings (or 3 prepped meals). It’s very delicious, the slow-cooked pork bellies go all melty and tender. Alternatively, try these pork belly recipes from The Woks of Life.

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Shrimp Po’Boy Sandwich

This is a classic Louisiana sandwich. It’s your basic go-to crunchy shrimpy savory seafood sandwich with a bit of mayo. You will need a skillet.