Alexia Sweet Potato Fries in Air Fryer

Alexia Sweet Potato Fries in the Air Fryer

Alexia sweet potato fries are one of my favorite side dishes. I love making them for game day appetizers. It is a great way to enjoy the sweet taste of potatoes without breaking your diet. The Alexia Sweet Potato Fries are perfect for a healthier alternative to traditional French fries … Read more

Air Fried Pork Chops

Easy Air Fried Pork Chops

These are unbelievable! Best pork chops I had in years. Air frying them makes them crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside, plus, they are much healthier than stovetop! If you want to make this even easier, just rub the pork chops with olive oil and coat them … Read more

Air Fried Tofu

Air Fried Tofu in Peanut Sauce

Though flavor-wise some people prefer deep-fried, air frying tofu is a healthier and cheaper alternative. Try this crispy version, and, as always, you can skip the sauce to go vanilla! 5 Tips for Perfect Air Fried Tofu Try to find extra-firm tofu as it holds up well to frying. Also, … Read more

Air Fried Coconut Shrimp

Air Fried Spicy Coconut Shrimp

This is a much healthier version of coconut shrimp they have at the Outback restaurants. Or, you can use this recipe as a guide on air frying shrimp as well! Tips For the breading to stick better, make sure you removed any extra liquid from shrimp. And for easy dipping, … Read more

Air Fried Blooming Onion

Air Fried Blooming Onion

Air frying a blooming onion does the impossible – lets you enjoy that sweet and sour, fulfilling taste without all those extra calories! For those of you that don’t know what it is, it’s an onion, cut into strips and deep-fried. Yum! Tips for Making Most Delicious Air Fryer Blooming … Read more

Chicken Tenders in Air Fryer

Air Fried Buffalo Chicken Tenders

Chicken tenders are perhaps the meal you can never get tired of. Even when I’ve had chicken every day of the week and want nothing to do with it, I can still go for some good chicken tenders! Air frying just brings these to a whole new level. As always, … Read more

Air Fried Fish Sticks

Air Fried Fish Sticks with Lemon Mayo Sauce

Fish sticks in the air fryer really up the game: they come out awesome, nice, and crispy. Since these are homemade, they are more “meaty” and have less breading than store-bought. Try them on a sandwich! 5 Tips for Making the Perfect Fish Sticks using an Air Fryer If you … Read more

Air Fried Chicken Breast

Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast in an Air Fryer

Air-fried chicken breast is much better than baking or stovetop. It surprisingly retains so much moisture, you get fewer calories, and the taste is amazing. You can try just salt & peppering them, air frying frozen chicken breast, reheating, – or this elaborate breaded variation. Tips Fresh spinach can be … Read more

Air Fried Brussels Sprouts

Air Fried Brussels Sprouts With Bacon

Yes. In an air fryer. Usually not the most beloved food around (especially with kids), these become some serious noms! Tips Cut Brussels sprouts in half or quarters, but make sure the pieces are even-sized in order for them to be cooked at the same time. Don’t forget to check … Read more

Air Fried Pizza Rolls

Air Fried Triple Cheese Pizza Rolls

This is another kind of delicious, chewy, cheesy goodness for you to try in your air fryer. Tips to prepare the most delicious pizza rolls Don’t overstuff the dough. Spread a thin layer of each ingredient on top of the dough. Leave enough space between each roll for them to … Read more

Air Fried Mini Corn Dogs

Mini Air Fried Corn Dogs

This is a great snack that’s easy and quick to prepare. The air fryer makes it much healthier! Notes Spread corn dogs in a single layer to ensure evenly cooked and crispy dogs I recommend adding parchment paper to the bottom of the air fryer basket. Check on the corn … Read more

Coconut Curry Popcorn in Air Fryer

Coconut Curry Popcorn in an Air Fryer

This is a somewhat exotic take on popcorn in an air fryer (or air fryer and toaster oven combo). You can skip the seasoning if you want! Tips to Have the Best Popcorn in Air Fryer Always preheat the air fryer for a few minutes before adding in the kernels. … Read more

Bacon From Air Fryer

How to Cook Bacon in the Air Fryer

As with bacon in a toaster oven, this one cooked in an air fryer is also incredibly delicious, crispy, and pillowy at the same time, with beautiful red color and much, much lower on fat than on a skillet. Why cook bacon in an air fryer? No preparation or smoke … Read more