Air Fried Pizza Rolls

Air Fried Triple Cheese Pizza Rolls

This is another kind of delicious, chewy, cheesy goodness for you to try in your air fryer. Tips to prepare the most delicious pizza rolls Don’t overstuff the dough. Spread a thin layer of each ingredient on top of the dough. Leave enough space between each roll for them to … Read more

Air Fried Mini Corn Dogs

Mini Air Fried Corn Dogs

This is a great snack that’s easy and quick to prepare. The air fryer makes it much healthier! Notes Spread corn dogs in a single layer to ensure evenly cooked and crispy dogs I recommend adding parchment paper to the bottom of the air fryer basket. Check on the corn … Read more

Coconut Curry Popcorn in Air Fryer

Coconut Curry Popcorn in an Air Fryer

This is a somewhat exotic take on popcorn in an air fryer (or air fryer and toaster oven combo). You can skip the seasoning if you want! Tips to Have the Best Popcorn in Air Fryer Always preheat the air fryer for a few minutes before adding in the kernels. … Read more

Bacon From Air Fryer

How to Cook Bacon in the Air Fryer

As with bacon in a toaster oven, this one cooked in an air fryer is also incredibly delicious, crispy, and pillowy at the same time, with beautiful red color and much, much lower on fat than on a skillet. Why cook bacon in an air fryer? No preparation or smoke … Read more