25 Delicious Crawfish Recipes

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Crawfish can be perceived as quite simple, perhaps with a subtle touch of spice.

That’s because these delicious seafood snacks are always served with the most amazing sauces and sides.

The flavor is just so incredible.

It can be sweet, spicy, salty, or savory, depending on what you’re in the mood for.


And while they taste similar to lobster and shrimp, crawfish have a more earthy/bland flavor, making them ideal when you want something comforting.

With that in mind, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite crawfish recipes.

From crawfish cakes to crawfish nachos to crawfish pasta, there are plenty of tasty dishes here!

1. Crawfish Cakes With Horseradish Sauce

This fabulous dish is a showstopper.

It’s creamy and super tasty, but it doesn’t have to be.

Make this recipe with any number of fillings: crab meat, shrimp, and sausage are just some of the options.

If you want to really bring out the flavor, try adding some heavy cream or sour cream.

You can even use whole milk for an extra creamy finish.

2. Fried Crawfish Etouffee Balls

This crawfish étouffée is a must-try if you’re looking for a unique and delicious way to start the day.

Fried crawfish are coated in an egg batter and fried until golden brown.

These Etouffee balls are packed with flavor and will make your mouth water!

This dish pairs nicely with rice, bread, or even a nice glass of wine.

It’s also a great recipe to serve at dinner parties.

3. Crawfish Boil

Craving crawfish but don’t want to spend the week-end cooking?

This recipe is perfect for you!

Pair your crawfish with a rich, creamy coconut rice pilaf and saute it in butter.

The result is an amazing taste that will have everyone asking for seconds.

Serve this fresh and simple dish with teriyaki rice or veggie noodles for a hearty meal.

4. Crawfish Fried Rice, using brown rice

Crawfish are a delicacy in Louisiana, so you’ll know they’re worth a try.

This fried rice recipe is pretty simple and uses brown rice instead of white.

You can throw out the veggies if you want and just have crawfish nuggets in place, but I still think they’re a worthy addition.

If you make this without rice, it will be drier than normal.

By adding rice, it moistens up so well, which makes for a much more satisfying dish.

Just don’t add too much.

It won’t absorb all that extra sauce or coconut milk if you do!

5. New Orleans Crawfish Bread

Have you ever had crawfish in New Orleans?

If not, this bread is for you.

It’s moist, flavorful, and just perfect for appetizers.

This bread is made with a garlic-infused butter that’s to die for!

It has all the flavors of Louisiana, from the spicy crawfish to the sweet mahi-mahi.

The best part about this recipe is that it’s simple but looks like an ooey-gooey masterpiece.

I guarantee people will be licking their plates clean!

6. Crawfish Fettuccine

This crawfish fettuccine is incredibly creamy and packed with smoky goodness.

It’s hearty, filling, and the perfect light dinner option.

Make it a main dish or serve it as a side to grilled pork chops, chicken, or fish.

It’s all about your preference!

7. Rich & Creamy Crawfish Bisque

Crawfish bisque is a rich, creamy soup that tastes like a vacation in your mouth.

It’s loaded with crawfish tails and crawfish tails, which gives it such wonderful texture.

I love the added crunchiness of cornflakes, but you could always add some crumbled bacon.

The broth is so thick that you can almost lick the spoon.

The creamy sauce serves as both a dipping sauce and a bed for the crawfish legs.

This recipe makes enough to last all week!

8. Crawfish Won Tons

You won’t believe these crawfish won tons are fried until you try them in the air fryer.

They’re crispy and crunchy, more like patties than actual won tons.

These shrimp-less squid bites are actually pretty tasty and don’t taste like crab at all.

If you want something a little different to the usual wontons, give these a go!

9. Cajun Crawfish Enchiladas

Crawfish enchiladas are the perfect meal for a warm, cozy evening.

They’re packed with flavor and are sure to satisfy.

Pile your enchiladas with plenty of crab meat and cheese.

Then top them off with a Mediterranean seasoning that is full of rich spices.

Bake these cheesy enchiladas until the cheese melts, and then serve up a big bowl for an easy and satisfying meal.

10. Crawfish Eggs Benedict Recipe

Eggs Benedict is one of my favorite brunch dishes.

It’s just so indulgent, and I love the crunchy, toasted bread…

But what if you could make it healthier?

Of course, you can!

This recipe takes out the butter and adds a protein-packed egg substitute.

You won’t miss the richness of buttery bacon or tender ham at all.

Plus, this version has extra veggies for added nutrition.


11. Crawfish Hand Pies

What I love about hand pies is you can use whatever filling you have left over.

I’ve used ground beef, cream cheese, and several of my favorite seafood fillings.

Just be sure to have enough shells for the whole pie!

The best part is that these are super easy to make and will quickly become a family favorite.

They’re perfect for when someone wants something different or just needs a change up from the usual game day fare.

12. Overstuffed Fried Crawfish Po’Boy

This is one of my favorite comfort foods.

It’s buttery, garlicky, and super filling.

I love the crunch from the bread and the slight bit of sweetness from the crawfish tails.

Pair this with a grilled bbq for a full meal.

13. Spicy Crawfish Mac And Cheese

I know that the very thought of crawfish mac and cheese can turn some people off.

However, this recipe is so delicious that even I can’t resist it.

There’s a perfectly balanced balance of cheesy and spicy flavors in every bite.

Between the creamy sauce, cornstarch-covered crawfish, bacon, and cheddar cheese, it’s hard to believe this is actually vegan.

It takes a little bit of time (about an hour) to make but only 5 minutes of prep work!

14. Authentic Louisiana Crawfish Pie

I’m always on the hunt for a good pie recipe.

And this one checks all the boxes.

It has layers of creamy, cheesy goodness that won’t leave you feeling soggy after finishing.

This Louisiana crawfish pie is easy to make, but it’s worth making just for the taste alone.

The crust is crisp and flaky, while the filling is rich, creamy, and full of flavor.

15. Crawfish Roll Sandwich

Crawfish is a succulent and delectable shellfish that’s super easy to work with.

You can cook them whole or boil them in a stock for delicious shrimp-style meals.

This recipe takes the classic chicken tenders, adds crawfish tails, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and lettuce.

It’s got everything you love about chicken tenders but with the added crunch of crawfish tails.

16. Crawfish King Cake

Crawfish king cake is a croquette-like dessert that’s easy to make, and it’s guaranteed to be a hit with everyone.

It’s made with vanilla pudding and butter, so it has lots of flavor.

But where this recipe really shines is in the topping.

Cream cheese, butter, milk, and powdered sugar are mixed until smooth and creamy.

Then you pour them over your crawfish mixture for a lovely finish.

Serve this on top of your favorite dessert or treat it as an appetizer to share with your family.

17. Crawfish Beignets Recipe

Crawfish beignets are a Louisiana-style dessert that’s impossible to resist.

These fried treats are tiny squares of dough stuffed with crawfish tails, cheese curds, and optional jalapenos.

They’re also known as “beignets de la Louisiane.”

18. Crawfish Balls

Who doesn’t love crawfish? These little devils are light, tasty, and very affordable.

If you’re craving something similar to the shrimp boil but aren’t quite ready for the whole process, try making these crawfish balls.

They make for a great appetizer or main course that is sure to please anyone in your party.

The combination of herbs and seasonings creates a fantastic flavor profile.

19. Hot Baked Crawfish Dip

Baked is always a good thing, and this hot-baked crawfish dip is the perfect way to enjoy crawfish.

You’ll start with a creamy cheeseburger sauce.

Add your shrimp, then top it all off with chopped green onions, corn kernels, and cayenne pepper.

A little bit of lemon juice rounds out the flavors in this tasty dish.

20. Crawfish Nachos

These are like the and of nachos, but instead of tortilla chips, you’ll use cajun spice-seasoned crawfish.

The sauce that comes with is a blend of sour cream and butter, cayenne pepper, Worcestershire sauce, garlic salt, and lemon juice.

(If you can’t find any at your local grocery store or online, this recipe will work with regular mayonnaise.)

Wrap all those critters in some crunchy bread crumbs for crunchy nachos.

21. Crawfish Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a traditional Louisiana dish of rice and seafood served in a spicy broth.

This crawfish jambalaya is loaded with shrimp, crabmeat, and sausage.

It’s rich, spicy, and incredibly tasty.

You can add any veggies you like to this recipe, but I recommend adding garlic to keep it from becoming too bland.

22. Crawfish Pasta Recipe

This creamy pasta is a dream come true!

With tender noodles and succulent shrimp, it’s the perfect comfort food.

The creamed corn topping adds a rich and syrupy flavor that makes this dish irresistible.

Serve this with buttery garlic bread or ask your guests to bring their own for dipping.

It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind meal that will make your Friday night extra special.

23. Crispy Crawfish Egg Rolls

Crawfish and egg rolls are one of my favorite soul food combinations.

This recipe incorporates the Louisiana staple with the mild, sweet flavor of salt-n-pepper to make it pop.

The filling is made up of crab meat, butter, parsley, garlic powder, basil, and red pepper flakes.

It’s seasoned with a little cayenne for heat.

Roll your egg rolls in breadcrumbs before baking for about half an hour to crisp them up and add juiciness.

24. Crawfish Scampi Recipe

This is a great recipe for any occasion, from brunch to dinner.

It’s easy, inexpensive, and delicious.

Crawfish scampi is rich in garlic and tomato sauce, which is why it’s so good.

But you’ll also get a little bit of heat from the chili flakes.

You can use shrimp or chicken if you prefer.

I like to add some sausage meatballs to mine for extra flavor.

Serve with steamed veggies for a nice balance of flavors.

25. Crawfish Cream Sauce Recipe

Crawfish cream sauce is the perfect side dish for Crawfish Etouffee.

The rich and savory crawfish filling is tossed in a creamy and spicy sauce, which adds an extra layer of flavor.

To make it even more irresistible, add some cheddar cheese right on top!

It’s not cheesy, but it’s heavenly when served with the etouffee.

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