25 Easy Anaheim Pepper Recipes

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Infuse your cooking with a touch of sweet delight, the spiciness of pepper, and a tangy kick with these recipes that highlight anaheim peppers!

Anaheim peppers are a delicious and versatile ingredient.

They’re full of intense flavors that will make your tastebuds quiver.

You can use them in everything from stews and soups to salads and sandwiches.

They’re also great for making delicious chile rellenos.

With these recipes, you can incorporate a little bit of Mexico into your day.

Let’s get started!

25 Easy Anaheim Pepper Recipes 1

1. Stuffed Anaheim Peppers

Stuffed peppers are usually made with a flavorful filling and topped with cheese, but this recipe gives you a whole new way to eat them.

Instead of stuffing your pepper, why not stuff it?

The inside of the bell pepper is filled with a mixture of seasoned ground beef, and then baked until golden brown.

These stuffed peppers are so good that they’ll be an instant favorite when you take them out of the oven.


2. Buffalo-Lime Chicken Stuffed Anaheim Peppers

This recipe for buffalo-lime chicken stuffed Anaheim peppers is a great way to add some heat to the fridge.

The pepper mixture is laced with buffalo wing sauce and brown sugar, giving it an incredible flavor.

And the chicken is cooked in spicy sauce that gets kicked up even more when you mix in some lime juice.

This dish can be served as a meal or just as a side dish, so it’s perfect for any occasion!

3. Chicken Stuffed Poblano Peppers

These stuffed peppers are full of tender chicken, garlic, and cheese.

You’ll love how the oven turns them into a meal in just under an hour.

And though they look fancy, these aren’t complicated to make.

All you need is some heavy cream and a few spices – cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper – and you can have dinner on the table in a snap!

4. Sausage And Cheese Stuffed Anaheim Peppers

These stuffed peppers are the perfect way to sneak some veggies into your diet.

They’re spicy and bursting with cheese, sausage, and tomatoes.

You can add extra ingredients if you want this to be a little more indulgent.

Either way, these stuffed peppers are bursting with flavor!

Serve this on its own or as a side dish.

Your family will beg you for seconds!

5. Roasted Anaheim Peppers

Roasted Anaheim peppers are a wonderful appetizer, but they’re also great in a salad.

You’ll create layers of crisp veggies, creamy avocado, and tangy feta cheese.

The color contrast between the red peppers and green leaves is gorgeous!

When you bite into this dish, it will be like eating a piece of art at a museum.

6. Beef & Bean Burritos With Anaheim Pepper Queso

Make beef and bean burritos with a fresh twist!

This recipe is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite Mexican food without breaking the bank.

These burritos are packed with ground beef, roasted corn, and bright bell peppers.

The Anaheim pepper queso sauce adds a delightful kick of heat that goes perfectly with the creamy tortilla.

Serve these burritos at your next potluck or family gathering.

They’ll go fast!

7. Cajun Cream Cheese Stuffed Anaheim Peppers

It’s easy to overlook stuffed peppers as a main course.

But they’re so much more than just a side dish.

This recipe is the perfect way to get your fill of Cajun goodness in the comfort of your own home.

Cream cheese, garlic, and Cajun seasoning are beautifully seasoned with paprika for an extra kick.

Then you stuff those beauties with an array of ingredients such as olives, chicken broth, chopped tomatoes, and red bell pepper.

When it comes time to bake these babies, they’ll be stuffed with peppers that burst with flavor!

8. Roasted Anaheim Pepper Salsa

I’m a sucker for sweet and spicy salsa.

It’s the perfect combination of flavors that tastes just right when you pair it with chicken or fish.

This roasted Anaheim pepper salsa is absolutely mouthwatering.

It has a fresh, bright, and slightly tangy taste that pairs perfectly with your favorite Mexican dishes.


9. Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Anaheim Peppers Recipe

You don’t have to take a bite of anything for this recipe.

All you need is bacon, fresh peppers, red onions, and olive oil.

I like to add some chopped garlic as well.

That’s it! You can even make enough for several meals in one meal.

Start with a hot skillet full of peppers, then drizzle the rest with olive oil and seasonings.

Serve them on a bed of white rice or mashed potatoes and eat until you’re full.

10. Refried Bean Tamale Style Stuffed Pepper Recipe

Tamales are a staple in my house.

I make them year-round, but they’re especially good during the holidays.

This tamale recipe is packed with flavor and will leave you feeling like you’re at your grandma’s place.

It features ground beef, green chiles, bell peppers, tomatoes, and plenty of corn.

Plus, it has all the elements that make tamales great: adventure-filled ingredients and smoky spices!

11. Tempura Anaheim Peppers

If you’re looking for a way to get your kids involved in the kitchen, this Tempura Anaheim peppers recipe is the way to go!

There’s just something about the combination of peppers, onions, and shrimp that makes me smile.

And as far as sauces go, this one is so good.

It has everything from sweet and spicy to mild and fiery.

I like it with some ketchup on top because it adds such a nice texture contrast.

But you can leave it alone if you prefer.

12. Chicken And White Bean Chili With Anaheim Peppers

This recipe might be a bit more “Mexican” than the others on the list, but it’s still a flavorful and cozy dish.

It features plenty of chicken and white beans, along with fresh veggies like peppers and onions.

I especially love how the sweet onions make this chili so hearty.

If you want to jazz it up, add in some extra pepper flakes for heat right before serving.

13. Chile Rellenos Casserole

This is the perfect dish to whip up on a short weeknight.

It’s chock-full of vegetables and spices, making it nutritious and filling.

Plus, it’s super easy to make!

Just mix everything in a casserole dish to bake.

Then, layer corn tortillas with beans and cheese for a hearty crowd-pleasing meal.

14. 5 Minute Mango Corn Salsa – Home-Cooked Roots

If you’re looking for a healthy salsa recipe, this one is for you!

It has everything you need in a salsa: juicy mangos, bright lime juice, and crunchy cilantro.

But what makes this salsa so spectacular is the addition of fresh corn on the cob.

This gives it plenty of flavor without going overboard with sugar.

It’s also packed with protein thanks to the chia seeds and hemp hearts.

15. Roasted Anaheim Pepper Gorgonzola Cream Sauce Over Brown Rice Spaghetti

This chicken dish is a bit of a hit.

The sauce, of course, is the star, but you’ll also get some added flavor from bacon and garlic.

It has all the goodness that you love in a good chicken pasta dish.

Plus, it has a bright orange color from the roasted Anaheim pepper, which makes it an attractive side dish.

Go ahead and make this one for your next holiday party.

It’s sure to be a hit!

16. Multi Pepper Lettuce Wraps With Roasted Anaheim Pepper Pesto And Micro Sprouts

This appetizer is one of my favorites.

The pepper pesto is fantastic on everything from tortilla chips to asparagus spears.

But it’s the roasted Anaheim peppers that really stand out in this salad.

They’re a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy, and a lot of flavor.

And you can use them for all kinds of things – tacos, sandwiches, burritos – the options are endless.

Just remember to pick fresh ones!

17. Achiote Chipotle Salmon With Anaheim Pepper Avocado Crema

This recipe delivers fish that’s rich in flavor and easy to make.

It’s a cinch when you’re looking for a quick weeknight meal.

The salmon is loaded with fresh flavors from the spices of Achiote, Chipotle pepper, and Anaheim peppers.

It’s also drizzled with a creamy avocado crema sauce.

Serve this dish on its own as an appetizer or as part of your favorite Mexican or American meal.

18. Santa Maria Beans

Santa Maria beans are a tender and hearty dish, full of flavor.

They’re made with ground beef, onions, carrots, and cilantro.

The next time you’re craving something savory and warm for the holidays, give this recipe a try.

It pairs perfectly with rice and pasta for a filling meal.

Serve it as an appetizer or main course at your holiday party!

19. Green Bean, Tomato & Anaheim Peppers

These green bean and tomato peppers are the perfect side dish for any summer meal.

With a zesty, tangy flavor, they pair well with most salads.

And they’re so easy to make! They take only 15 minutes to prepare and cook.

Just chop up your veggies and toss them in a pan until they’re tender.

They’re then topped with an easy marinara sauce that takes care of all the work while still providing a delicious boost of rich flavors and textures.

20. Stuffed Anaheim Peppers With Creamy Cilantro Tahini Sauce

Do you enjoy stuffed peppers? If so, you’ll love this recipe!

This dish will have you dreaming of southern Italian food.

Capsicum stuffed with feta and roasted in a creamy tahini sauce.

You can’t go wrong there!

The tangy creaminess from the tahini sauce perfectly compliments the cheese and pepper filling.

If you want to up your culinary game, give it a try.

21. Hatch Green Chile Chicken Stew

It’s a blend of chicken, corn, green chiles, and potatoes.

There’s also bacon and seasonings to boot.

This stew is spicy, flavorful, and healthy all at the same time.

The flavors and textures are harmonious.

It’s a mouth-watering dish that will keep you full for hours.


22. Sweet Corn With Anaheim Peppers

Corn is one of those vegetables that’s so rich and flavorful, you can eat it plain or dressed up.

And this sweet corn with Anaheim peppers recipe is definitely a crowd-pleaser.

The sweetness of the corn and the bite of the peppers pair perfectly to create a delicious side dish!

You can also add some herbs and spices for a more complex flavor.

So whether you’re having your friends over for dinner or just want something tasty to feed two, this recipe is sure to please.

23. Chiles Rellenos ( A Mexican cheese stuffed Anaheim pepper dish!)

Ever tried a chile relleno?

If you haven’t, I highly recommend giving it a try.

It’s an utterly addictive appetizer that features fresh Anaheim peppers stuffed with cheese and then fried to perfection.

The cheesy filling is already delicious as it is.

But add the golden brown fried chicken skin on top, and things just get better!

24. Vegetarian Stuffed Anaheim Peppers

These stuffed peppers are the perfect dinner party staple.

They’re cheesy, meaty, and good for you!

They also taste like ground beef or chicken nuggets – but in a much healthier way.

The best part is that they don’t take long to make.

You can have them on the table in just 30 minutes.

They’re great for busy weeknights, so you can get some things done while still enjoying your favorite foods.

25. Anaheim Chile Pepper Chutney

If you’re craving a little something spicy, give this chili pepper chutney recipe a try.

Between its kick-your-mouth-off heat and the smoky herby flavors, it’s hard not to love.

It’s packed with all the basics of Indian cuisine – potatoes, onions, tomatoes, spices – but it has a spicy kick that makes your tastebuds jump.

This chutney is delicious on any dish from naan bread or grilled sandwiches.

It’s also great as a dip for vegetables or fruit.

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