25 Easy Sauces For Bread Recipes

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For your next event, these are the tastiest dipping sauces – ranging from creamy spreads to substantial puddings!

If you’re looking for some quick and easy dipping sauces to make your next party extra exciting, you’ve come to the right place.

These dishes can be homemade or purchased.

But I suggest making your own if you can.

The best things in life come in convenient sizes.

So, why not whip up a batch of dipping sauces today and save yourself a trip to the store?

They’re so great, you’ll want to make a double batch!

Trust me; these dips will be a hit at your next get-together!

So grab a spoon and dig into this list of amazing dipping sauces for bread.

25 Easy Sauces For Bread Recipes

1. Best Clam Dip

Clam dip is the perfect appetizer for parties and game days.

Not only does it taste incredible, but it also looks amazing!

This recipe takes a simple combination of mayo, clam juice, and cream cheese to make one magnificent dip.

I love dipping tortilla chips into this delicious dip because they’re so easy to clean off.

2. Papa John’s Garlic Sauce

Papa John’s pizza is made with the most premium ingredients.

The secret? A bit of garlic.

This homemade sauce is so good, you can use it on just about anything.

Mashed potatoes are a classic for this recipe, but if you have some left over from dinner last night, throw it in.

It adds a lovely depth to this simple side dish.


3. Qdoba Queso (Copycat)

If you want to stay on the go, this fast-food chain offers a pack of ready-made queso.

They’re so good, you can use them as a base for tacos or burritos.

But I like them as a dip for chips and crackers!

If you’re not sure about making your own, check out this phenomenal recipe for homemade queso.

4. Marinara Dipping Sauce

While you can certainly use store-bought marinara, it’s so much easier to make your own.

This recipe has a traditional Italian style using the basic tomato sauce along with garlic and onions.

You’ll want to add some fresh herbs too, such as basil and parsley.

I like to add some Parmesan cheese just because I can’t help myself.

But if you want something that tastes extra special, this recipe calls for a mix of parmesan, mozzarella, and pecorino romano.

It makes a nice dipping sauce for pasta or hot dogs!

5. Easy Pizza Dip

Here’s another awesome homemade pizza dip you can use for all your favorite pizzas.

It’s creamy, cheesy, and just the right amount of spicy.

It uses no cheese and only three ingredients!

This one is buttery, tomato-flavored, and will definitely make your mouth water.

With this recipe, you can have a big bowl of nachos!

Just add toppings to the bottom (e.g., tomatoes, avocado slices, onions), then cover with chips.

Serve it in an oversized tortilla for a fun Mexican-inspired snack.

6. Applebee’s Spinach Artichoke Dip

This artichoke dip hits the spot whether you want it with chips, crackers, or bread.

It’s creamy, cheesy, and oh-so-delicious.

I like to serve it with cream cheese on top of some crusty bread for dipping dips.

Even without any toppings added, this dip is so filling and tastes fantastic!

7. Cheesy Bread Dip Recipe

Let’s kick things off with a tasty dip for all your favorite cheese-filled snacks.

This cheesy bread dip is full of flavor, it doesn’t skimp on toppings, and it comes together in only 20 minutes.

It takes its flavor from the creamy sauce and the cheese and toasted bread pieces.

This recipe makes a great appetizer or light dinner option.

You can even double up on the ingredients if you want to serve this as an entree or dessert.

8. Bread Dipping Oil Recipe

I don’t think I’ve ever made a dip from scratch, but I would never be able to pass up this bread dipping oil.

It’s rich and flavorful, with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg.

It takes a little over an hour to make, so it will help you stretch your baking time a bit.

The final product is soft and almost sticky.

When you dip the bread into it, every crumb falls right in line with the next one!

9. Beer Cheese Dip

This beer cheese dip is a wonderful alternative to the classic hot mess of cream cheese and cheddar.

Its creamy, tangy, and rich flavors make it an excellent appetizer or snack.

It’s also easy to make ahead for busy weeknights!

10. Chipotle Guacamole

It may sound difficult, but it’s actually very easy.

You really only need to blend avocados, jalapenos, and onions with some spices.

Toss everything in a blender until smooth.

Then pour that into a bowl and garnish with cilantro and lime juice.

This guacamole is spicy, creamy, and absolutely delicious.

You can use it as an appetizer or main course dish.

11. Hot Shrimp Dip

If you have a big lunch coming up and want to impress, whip up this hot shrimp dip.

It’s made with creamy mayo, spicy jalapenos, and plenty of fresh herbs.

The heat comes from the jalapenos and the creaminess comes from the cool ranch dressing.

This is a fantastic alternative to schnitzel or ribs!

12. Seven Layer Taco Dip

I know it’s cheesy and loaded with fruit, but this taco dip is seriously addictive.

It’s sweet, spicy, creamy, and includes some crunchy cotija cheese for a nice change.

If you want to take this even further, add some jalapeños.

They give it a nice bite that helps balance out the sweetness of the mango dip.

And if you want to be more authentic, try adding some roasted poblano peppers.

Not only does it taste amazing with the pineapple and mango mix-ins, but the heat will make your tastebuds jump for joy!

13. Buffalo Chicken Dip

If you think buffalo chicken is an acquired taste, be sure to try this dip!

This dip goes beyond just mixing and mixing.

It gets yummy, creamy, cheesy, and spicy all in one bite.

Everything in the recipe is homemade – including the chives and ranch dressing.

This dip can be made ahead of time for a last-minute treat!

14. Condensed Milk Bread Pudding Sauce

Soft, fluffy bread pudding is sweet and creamy.

But when you add in condensed milk, it gets even better!

It’s like a warm blanket wrapped around your mouth.

Try it once and you’ll never want to eat normal bread pudding again.

This recipe is so easy to make by using ordinary store-bought bread pudding mix.

Stir in some condensed milk and top with more powdered sugar.

Enjoy this decadent dessert whenever you feel like cuddling up on the couch with an old friend.

15. Carrabba’s Olive Oil Bread Dip

This bread dip has a bit more kick than the one above, but it still tastes just as good.

There are also lots of garlic and onions in this version, which will give you a bit of sweetness.

If you want to make it milder, leave out the red pepper flakes.

Or better yet, cover them with additional Tabasco sauce for added heat.

16. Italian Bread Dipping (Oil) Sauce

What’s the difference between a bread dipping sauce and a vinaigrette?

Well, there are some key differences that make this Italian bread dipping sauce different from other oil vinaigrettes.

For one, it has a tangy, garlicky flavor. It also has an extra kick from red wine vinegar and olive oil.

On top of that, this Italian bread dipping is great for spreading on brioche or baguettes for stealing someone else’s lunch.

17. Pork Chops With Dijon Cream Sauce

Here’s another pork chop recipe that’ll make your mouth water.

It has a rich, creamy dijon sauce for dipping.

The meat is juicy and tender, and the sauce is flavorful, with a hint of mustard.

Plus, it’s easy to make – all you need are pork chops and some pantry ingredients.

18. Whipped Feta Dip

If you love cheese and dips, whip up some of this delicious whipped feta dip for your next party.

It’s creamy, tangy, and full of the stuff.

It’s dairy-free and gluten-free so everyone can enjoy it.

Simply whisk together feta cheese, cream cheese, heavy cream, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder and paprika.

Blend until smooth.

Pour it into a dish or bowl and chill until needed.

Serve with crackers or veggies for dipping!

19. Tzatziki Sauce

This zesty sauce is a favorite on potato skins and French fries.

You can use it in any number of other recipes, like dressings, dips, marinades – you name it!

I love to use this as a spread for my olive oil bread.

It pairs perfectly with fresh herbs and arugula when I make homemade focaccia or baguette.

20. Homemade Cheese Sauce

A great cheese sauce can transform a meal.

This recipe only takes five ingredients and is ready in 30 minutes.

Butter, cream, heavy cream, Parmesan cheese – it’s all there to make your mouth water!

The best part is you can make this cheesy sauce for just about any occasion.

It’s so versatile that you could serve it with roast chicken or even as a dip for chips or bread.

21. Rich Vanilla Custard Sauce

Custard sauce is the perfect addition to any dessert, and this rich vanilla custard recipe is no exception.

Mix together egg yolks, sugar, cornstarch, butter, vanilla extract, and heavy cream to make a smooth and creamy sauce that is simply amazing.

The best part?

You can use it on almost anything.

Try it on ice cream with chocolate or caramel toppings for an extra special treat!

22. Scrumptious Bread Sauce Recipe

If you’ve got a hankering for something sweet and creamy, then this scrumptious bread sauce is the one that’s just right.

Made with brown sugar, butter, cream cheese, milk, flour, and vanilla extract, it’s rich, sweet-n-tangy in flavor.

It has a beautiful golden sheen that practically makes itself.

I like to serve it on toast or bagels.

It’s so good on its own that I don’t even think twice about adding salt or hot sauce.

23. Golden Corral Bread Pudding

There’s nothing like a warm, soft bread pudding to comfort you on a cold night.

This recipe is so easy to make and will leave your family feeling warm and cozy.

Make this golden corral bread pudding recipe the next time you’re in need of comforting food!

24. Whipped Ricotta Dip

This creamy, dreamy dip will impress your guests.

Whipped ricotta cheese is mixed with mascarpone and flavored with a blend of herbs, spices, and seasonings.

It’s the ultimate spread for dips, spreads, spreads, and more!

25. Chewy Pretzel Bites With Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

These are just plain addictive.

They’re a real crowd-pleaser, and you will have everyone begging for more.

I especially love the honey mustard dipping sauce!

It adds a little sweetness to the pretzel bites, but it doesn’t overpower the other flavors.

If you don’t like raw foods, at least serve these with cooked veggies and dips.

For example, I like roasted carrots or zucchini sticks with this recipe.

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