25 Without Luau Finger Food

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My top choice for a fun dinner filled with finger foods is Luau finger food.

It’s casual, it’s easy, and it’s absolutely delicious!

This round-up features some of the most scrumptious and easiest parties I know.

Don’t be afraid to try something new and fun.

These recipes are all made with fresh ingredients and super simple instructions.

From appetizers to main courses, there are so many things you can do with these luau finger recipes.

Grab your friends, join the party, and get ready to have an awesome time!

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1. Hawaiian Tortilla Roll Up

This tortilla roll up is so easy to make, and you can even change it up if you want!

You’ll start by rolling the tortillas into a big circle, then cutting them in half.

I like to finish mine with some extra filling for a little more flavor.

If you want this on the keto diet, I recommend using almond flour.

You’ll still be able to get all of those delicious flavors without any trouble.

Don’t forget about that cheese! It works so well with these cauliflower tortillas because it melts pretty quickly and gives the final product such an awesome texture.

2. Easy Grilled Pineapple Meatball Skewers

Pineapple meatballs are the ultimate summer seafood appetizer.

But these skewers aren’t just for the season.

These skewers are so easy that even a beginner can make them.

The marinara sauce is also incredibly simple and full of fresh flavors.

The best part?

You don’t need any fancy meats!

All you need to do is fry up some chicken, shrimp, or sausages until they’re nice and crispy.

Then chop up a few pineapples in your skillet and add some extra heat to your kabobs.

3. Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

This rainbow fruit kabob recipe is made with five distinct colors of dried fruits.

The ingredients are all homegrown, so you can feel free to use any dried fruit you have in the kitchen.

You can even add different berries if you have them on hand.

The only thing you’ll need is a sweetener to cook them with.

You don’t have to cook this dish in coconut oil or butter, either! Just be sure to coat the fruits before they go into the hot pan.

4. Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes

I’m already excited to make these upside-down cupcakes.

The cake itself is luscious and moist, but the pineapple glaze is what makes these so unique.

It has an amazing sweet, tart taste that will melt in your mouth if you let it.

Plus, the green color of the glaze makes them look stunning when served in a glass.

Serve them at brunch or as a simple dessert with some ice cream for dessert.

Now you’re ready for a day off!

5. Slow Cooker Hawaiian BBQ Pulled Pork

If you love barbecue, but don’t have the time to make it from scratch, this slow cooker Hawaiian BBQ pulled pork is a must-try.

It’s not as labor-intensive as making your own from scratch.

But it’s just as delicious and full of juicy flavor.

Plus, it tastes so much better than store-bought!

Serve with rice and beans for a complete meal or use a salad if you prefer.

Either way, it will be a hit.


6. Hawaiian Hot Dogs With Grilled Pineapple And Teriyaki Mayo

These Hawaiian hot dogs with pineapple and Teriyaki mayo are sensational.

Pineapple is a great substitute for BBQ sauce.

It adds sweet heat to the hot dog with just the right amount of sweetness.

The teriyaki mayo balances out the rich flavors while adding protein.

If you want your hot dog extra crispy, mix in some cornstarch.

One bite of this recipe will knock your socks off!

7. Delicious Party Appetizers

When you’re hosting a party, it can be hard to keep the food down.

Luckily, these easy appetizers are just as delicious as any other!

They’re also super easy to make.

You only need five ingredients and 10 minutes of your time.

Plus, they taste fantastic!

The mix of sweet and tangy flavors will surely please even the pickiest of eaters.

8. Gluten Free Stuffed Pickles

Stuffed cucumbers are a tantalizing snack that’s best served with butter and spices.

But if you’re looking for an extra zesty kick, try this recipe.

The filling is made with chopped pickles, onions, garlic, sugar, salt, and spices.

It’s saucy but not too spicy when you add the cream cheese mixture.

This recipe is perfect as a side dish or appetizer to go along with some steak or chicken.


9. Jerk Chicken Marinade

This marinade is your new favorite way to cook chicken.

The flavor of the chicken is enhanced through a mix of jerk seasoning and tomatoes.

It’s so flavorful, you’ll wonder how it didn’t taste like the real thing.

And while this recipe calls for chicken breasts, you can easily use thighs or drumsticks as well.


10. Aloha Burgers

These Hawaiian burgers are so soft, they’ll melt in your mouth!

A blend of ground chuck, cheddar cheese and onions, they’re grilled to perfection and then served with a spritz of tart lime.

Top them off with the usual toppings.

I like mine with cilantro and sliced jalapeños.

11. Bacon & Cheese Meatball Sliders

Meatball sliders are the perfect bite sized appetizer.

They’re packed with protein and filled with meaty goodness.

These babies are loaded with bacon, cheese, and a homemade bolognaise sauce.

They’re also served on an Italian bun for that classic meatball experience.

These sliders don’t only taste great, but they look incredible as well! So get ready to drool over your plate.


12. Spam Musubi

Here’s another recipe that’s perfect for the summer months.

Spam musubi is a Japanese treat that features Spam in a soft, pillowy shell.

The Spam musubi is topped with crunchy seaweed and served in its own shell.

The combination of salty and sweet flavors makes it irresistible!

This delicious snack has a bite to it that will surely satisfy your hunger without making you feel too guilty.

13. Grilled Ham & Pineapple Kabobs

The best thing about this recipe is that you can use whatever fruit you have on hand to make these kabobs.

I love pineapple, and even though I typically throw on some strawberries, bananas are just as tasty.

If you’re a fan of grilled pineapple, feel free to use it.

It will work in the same way as mangoes would.

14. 2-ingredient Pineapple Cream Popsicles (New Video)

These pineapple and lime cream popsicles are just so refreshing.

They have such good balance of sweet and tart, you’ll want to drink them straight from the freezer.

I love the bright color of the popsicles and how they look like little pineapples with their green stripes.

Plus, every bite is perfectly tangy and creamy!

15. Deviled Egg Salad Finger Sandwiches

If you love deviled eggs, then these finger sandwiches are a must-try.

They’re the perfect combination of salty and creamy.

The sandwich is made with soft, fluffy egg salad on rye bread.

It’s layered with rich mayo and crunchy dill pickles.

The best part? The recipe calls for mayo, mustard, dill pickle juice, sugar, cream cheese, and other condiments!

So if you want to turn your deviled eggs into something really special…try this recipe out.

16. Easy Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches

If you love egg salad sandwiches, then you’ll go nuts for this recipe!

This easy-to-make recipe comes together in just 25 minutes and requires just five ingredients.

It’s light but filling, with a great crunch from the crackers.

You can add whatever veggies you like, but I think these are best with pickles and chives.

17. Lemon Muddy Buddies Recipe

Muddy Buddies are a popular ice cream flavor that’s ideal with summer.

This recipe is so easy and quick, you won’t even feel like it’s a labor of love.

If you have some leftover lemon cake mix, this recipe is just begging to be made!

This is the easiest way to make super soft ice cream without having to make extra custard.

Just add all your ingredients into a mixer and let them stir until they reach stiff peaks.

Enjoy your Muddy Buddies any time of day!

18. Salami & Cream Cheese Roll-Ups

These roll-ups are a must-make for the holidays.

They’re easy to make, and they taste fantastic.

They have a rich and satisfying flavor that pairs well with anything on the menu.

Plus, you can customize these rolls as you prefer!

I like to use provolone cheese, but I think cheese from other places works too.

For smoother edges and a more airy texture, you can also add cream cheese.

But don’t be shy!

19. Bacon Cheddar Ranch Pinwheels

I used to make these at least once a week until I stopped cooking on Sundays.

With just two ingredients and 10 minutes, you’ll have dinner in the oven.

The bacon cheddar ranch topping is the perfect way to finish this pinwheel.

Try adding some sliced apples and baked sweets for an extra special treat.

20. Quick Salami & Cream Cheese Bites

If you like salami, then these bite-sized bites are a must-try.

They’re just what you need to get your salami fix without all that mess.

The combination of salami and cream cheese is the stuff of legends.

This recipe has it all: salty, sweet, and creamy.

They’re super delicious and will surely be a hit at your next party.

21. Cream Cheese Sandwich Bites

With this recipe, you’ll never have to buy a sandwich again!

These buttery and creamy sandwich bites are loaded with deliciousness.

They combine crunchy almonds, a sweet cream cheese filling, and an amazing honey glaze.

This doesn’t equates to the same boring lunch or dinner anymore!

22. Kielbasa Pineapple Appetizer Skewers

These mini-skewers taste just like the ones at a Hawaiian buffet.

The only thing missing is the pineapple sauce.

The skewer is loaded with kielbasa, pineapple, and cheese for an awesome little snack.

Plus, you can serve these skewers on their own or as a fresh appetizer.

Either way, they’re sure to be a hit!

23. Miniature Avocado Toasts (Party Ready)

I’m not sure how the mini-avocado toast is called, but I can make more than enough of these on a good day.

The recipe calls for sour cream and mayo, which makes this taste like a creamy avocado dip.

It’s buttery, tangy, and ooey-gooey by itself.

But if you want to add some freshness to your breakfast item, I recommend adding some chopped jalapeños.

It will give the toast that added kick it needs!

24. Fruit And Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastries

Fruit and cream cheese breakfast pastries are a delicious way to start your day.

The fruit adds antioxidants and vitamins that will get you going, while the cream cheese is packed with flavor.

Combine them with powdered sugar, cinnamon, and grated ginger for a sweet start to your day.

Serve these over some warm milk or yogurt for an extra special touch.

These make the perfect grab-and-go dessert!

25. Apilco Zen Porcelain Platters

I’ve always liked ceramic plates.

It’s a great way to present food without breaking the bank.

This recipe is a little different from the ones above, but it still creates beautiful textures and a beautiful presentation.

All you need are 8 pieces of porcelain for this dish.

You can use whatever shape you prefer – hearts, stars, cute animals, etc.

Coat everything in melted chocolate and let them set in the fridge overnight.

When they look like they’re ready to go, just pop them into the oven.

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