Diy Candy Dispenser?

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Making candy dispensers is a fun and straightforward activity that both kids and grown-ups can enjoy.

They’re also useful in case your child has a hard time opening bags of candy.

In this article we will teach you how to make a candy dispenser.

We will show you what supplies you need to complete the project.

Then, we will explain how to make a candy dispenser.

Finally, we will discuss the pros and cons of making a candy dispenser, as well as where to find them.

We hope that after reading this tutorial you will be able to make your own DIY candy dispenser!

Diy Candy Dispenser2

What supplies do you need to make a DIY candy dispenser?

  • Tape or glue
  • A candy jar
  • An empty plastic water bottle
  • A funnel
  • Paint
  • White craft paint
  • A box cutter
  • A pen or pencil
  • Ribbon
  • Plastic straws
  • Small bowls
  • A spoon
  • Scissors
  • A ruler
  • A knife
  • Twine
  • Paper
  • Cardboard paper
  • Wooden sticks
  • A hammer
  • A drill
  • Wax paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Acrylic paints
  • Foam brushes
Diy Candy Dispenser

How do you make a DIY candy dispenser?

Step 1.

Cut the plastic water bottle into two pieces.

The top half should have a diameter of about 3 inches.

The bottom half should have a diameter of 5 inches.

The top half needs to be cut straight across the middle from one side to the other.

The bottom half is cut lengthwise down the center.

This creates four quarters.

Step 2.

Take each quarter, and fold it in half so that the edges meet.

Press the fold flat against the sides of the plastic water bottle using tape or glue.

Once all four corners have been attached, turn over and press the folded edge back flat.

Repeat this process on both sides of the plastic water bottle.

You may want to sand the surface smooth before applying mod podge.

Mod podge can help keep the bottle from rusting.

Step 3.

Use scissors to cut cardboard paper to fit inside the plastic water bottle.

This will create the base of your new candy dispenser.

Put the cardboard piece inside the plastic water bottle, and push it up against the lip of the bottle.

Secure it in place with tape or glue.

Step 4.

Using the box cutter, carefully cut out a hole large enough to allow you to reach in easily to pick up candies.

You can either use a pair of pliers to squeeze the top part of the plastic water bottle until you get at the candy, or you can use a funnel to guide your hand or spoon through the hole.

If you choose to use a funnel, make sure to remove the rubber stopper first.

Step 5.

Paint the outside of the plastic water bottle white.

Once it’s dry, apply mod podge to the entire outside surface of the bottle.

Let it dry completely before proceeding.

What are the benefits of making a DIY candy dispenser?

The benefits of making a candy dispenser include being able to put candy in and pull it out quickly without having to open a bag.

This makes it easier for children who struggle to open bags of candy.

Are there any risks associated with making a DIY candy dispenser?

If you don’t know how to handle the tools correctly, or if you aren’t careful when cutting, you could end up damaging the candy jar or plastic water bottle.

Be sure to wear gloves while working with these tools.

How much does it cost to make a DIY candy dispenser?

It will probably cost around $20-$30 depending on the materials you purchase.

Some people have even made their candy dispensers more expensive by adding extra features like lights or music.

How long does it take to make a DIY candy dispenser?

You can complete the project within a few hours.

Depending on the material used, the painting process may take longer than others.

What are the best ways to use a DIY candy dispenser?

You can use a DIY candy dispenser to make snacks for children’s parties.

You can also hang it up in your kid’s room.

Kids love candy, but they also enjoy playing games such as hide-n-seek.

A DIY candy dispenser is perfect to use during these activities.

Another benefit of a DIY candy dispenser is that it allows parents to make snacks for their children without having to open a bag.

This is especially helpful when children have difficulty taking candy out of a bag.

What are some creative ways to decorate a DIY candy dispenser?

You can decorate a DIY candy dispenser by wrapping it with ribbon or twine.

Or, you can attach a cute label to the front of the dispenser, or paint it with bright colors.

Now that you’ve learned how to make a candy dispenser, you can start thinking of all the fun things you can do with it.

What are some tips for making a DIY candy dispenser?

Be sure to read our detailed instructions before starting the project.

Use safety goggles and/or protective clothing when handling sharp objects.

Make sure you follow the directions precisely.

Sometimes, you might have to try several times before getting it right.

With these tips in mind, you will be able to finish this project successfully.

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