Tyson Popcorn Chicken in Air Fryer

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Tyson Popcorn Chicken offers a pocket-friendly and easy-to-make option for a swift snack or meal.

It’s especially perfect for those busy days, where you can just pop the bag in the microwave and have your quick dinner ready in minutes.

The main reason people enjoy using an air fryer is that it gives them access to enjoying food that can be considered unhealthy by traditional methods but still provides all of the taste and satisfaction that we receive when we eat these foods.

One of the best things about air fryers is that it allows us to cook frozen food and snacks without using any extra oil.

This means we still get our foods crispy and crunchy, but we don’t have all that excess fat that can often leave us feeling guilty or bloated after eating big meals.

How to cook popcorn chicken in Air Fryer?

Tyson is a USDA-approved, quick and easy food to make.

With their wide selection of products, it can be pretty hard to choose which one to use for your family.

It doesn’t have the “fresh” taste, but on the other hand, it has more protein than chicken nuggets which is healthier.

The combination of popcorn chicken and crinkle fries in one meal is just perfect for serving your family.

This recipe, however, can be hard to master especially when it comes to the temperature of the Air Fryer you are using.

You need to know that different models have varying air fryer temperatures.

That’s why you must read your device’s manual or visit the manufacturer’s website to learn how hot or cold it can get.

Look for particular recipes on the time and temperature needed to cook popcorn chicken and crinkle fries.

This way, you’ll be sure to produce a perfect and tasty combination!

What kind of Air Fryer should I buy?

If you are still undecided on what kind of air fryer to get, here’s a quick buying guide for you to remember.


Choose an air fryer that has more than one cooking method.

This will help you save money since you don’t have to buy other appliances that can roast, grill, bake, and more.

Easy to clean.

Look for an air fryer that is dishwasher safe so you can save time from washing it manually with water and soap.

Space-saving design.

Air Fryers have a vertical orientation, saving space in your kitchen counter or tabletop.

This will help you maximize every inch of your kitchen and free up space for other appliances.

Quick heating.

There are air fryers that can reach – well, air fryer temperatures in just 3 minutes!

This is the best feature of this appliance because it means you can save time from preheating it.

It’s perfect for those who constantly forget to remove chicken or fries from the freezer before cooking.

How to cook popcorn chicken in the oven?

Suppose you don’t have an air fryer, no worries!

You can also make this recipe with your regular oven or convection oven, and it will come out just as delicious and crispy as the first one.

Here’s how:

Preheat your oven 25-30 degrees higher than the suggested oven temperature for this recipe.

Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil, place the chicken and fries on top, then bake for 12 minutes or golden brown.

Turn them halfway through cooking time to make sure they are evenly cooked.

The cooking time will vary depending on the oven model you are using, so it is best to check frequently for doneness.

You can also make this recipe in your convection oven with faster airflow circulation than other oven types.

It features a fan that evenly distributes hot air inside the oven, producing quick and even cooking!

This means that your popcorn chicken and fries will be ready in just 10-15 minutes.

What to eat with popcorn chicken?

Serve your favorite drinks with this recipe to avoid filling up quickly!

Coke is the best drink with this combo of flavors, but you can also use Sprite or plain iced tea.

Add more veggies, like carrots, and serve this with your favorite salad and drink!

For dessert, go for chocolate cake or vanilla ice cream.

What are the essential things to remember after finishing?

It’s easy to think that you can just leave the dishes to soak and wait until the next day before cleaning, right?

Well, if you do this, your air fryer will be much harder to clean.

If you want to clean it easily and fast, don’t forget these things:

Make sure that there is no excess oil on the parts and corners of your air fryer.

This will prevent the buildup of dirt and residue, which can be hard to remove.

If there is excess oil, wipe it off using a dry cloth before turning the device on again.

Never place oily or greasy food inside your air fryer because this will only produce more dirt that you’ll have to clean later on.

Make sure that the device is unplugged before you start cleaning.

Wipe the interior and exterior of your air fryer using a damp cloth with dish soap or baking soda to remove dirt, grime, or residue.

After washing, make sure that it is scorched before plugging it back in!

Don’t forget to clean your cooking utensils too.

Use the same mixture of soap and water that you used for your air fryer before washing them usually.

Always make sure that the chicken and fries are thoroughly cooked before eating them to avoid food poisoning.

Be sure to follow the time and temperature indicated in your air fryer recipe.

How do I store my leftover popcorn chicken?

If you’re planning to eat it again the next day, ensure that all leftovers are stored in an airtight container before placing them inside the refrigerator.

Remember to clean your utensils if made out of wood, plastic, or silicone before using them again!

What are other ways that I can enjoy my leftover popcorn chicken?

You can eat this for lunch or dinner during your next busy week at home or school by making it in a sandwich maker.

Cut your leftover popcorn chicken into smaller pieces, then place them between two slices of bread before placing it inside the sandwich press.

You can eat this with your favorite condiments, mayonnaise, or some ketchup on top!

If you still have leftovers after making them in a sandwich maker, you can also spread some butter on top of your bread and toast it in a pan.

You can also add them to a salad or eat them with your favorite dipping sauce such as barbecue, honey mustard, or even cheese!

You can also add this to your usual food choices if you’re feeling adventurous.

Chicken and fries?

No problem!

Try using your air fryer next time you cook them together to make it more enjoyable and flavorful!

Tyson Popcorn Chicken

Tyson Popcorn Chicken in Air Fryer

Tyson Popcorn Chicken is a convenient and affordable food to make as a quick meal or snack.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 1



  • Chicken


  • Preheat your oven 25-30 degrees higher than the suggested oven temperature for this recipe.
  • Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil, place the chicken and fries on top, then bake for 12 minutes or golden brown.
  • Turn them halfway through cooking time to make sure they are evenly cooked.


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