Review of Rosewill RHTO-13001 Toaster Oven

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First off, **listen up**: Don’t get the Rosewill toaster oven.

Yes, I still bought it.

I listened to John Siracusa’s review that was part of the series that Cards Against Humanity sponsored when they sent him a new toaster oven every week to review.

He bashed it and made fun of it – and I still bought it.

At the time it seemed like ratings were fine, and contrary to John’s intention I was intrigued.

In photos, it seemed nice, sleek even, with it’s black exterior (that turned out to be some kind of plastic of all things).

Plus it was on sale, so I went ahead and pulled the trigger…

And then returned it after a week.

Here’s why.

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The color is nice – but that’s the only thing that it has going for it.

John was right – the thing is extremely tall.

It looks very out of place and weird.

He put it very aptly: “it looks as though it was designed to toast a whole dozen of bagels all at once… vertically”.

And he’s totally right.


The cooking is ok – with one caveat: it just takes forever to toast anything.

Maybe because of the volume of the cavernous interior?

Anyway, it’s a toaster oven that is bad at toasting.

Go figure.

The interface is non-intuitive.

I want to echo John here and says that too many times did I forget to turn just one knob to the right position and it never started cooking – without letting me know.

I would come by ten minutes later to my food still being cold.

Quality Control

If not for John’s podcast, I would never find this toaster oven, and the main reason for that is the fact that Rosewill is a no-name Chinese “brand”.

If you look at Rosewill’s product page you will notice they make everything from cables and screwdrivers to PC components.

They are simply one of those Chinese companies trying to manufacture anything and everything in an effort to earn a quick buck.

The end result is the usual: terrible quality control and non-existent customer support.

Just look at the review page on Amazon and you’ll be amazed at the number of horror stories with toxic fumes coming out of it during cooking or the glass door shattering.

I was lucky it didn’t happen to me but I was not going to test it for longer than a week.


It’s been several years since I tried it and it seems it’s still plagued with the same problems.

I would not recommend this toaster oven to anyone – and perhaps their computer parts and tool sets either.

Instead, try something from a reputable brand. I

f you want a 6-slice toaster oven from a reputable brand, try the Hamilton Beach Easy Reach (that’s also easy on the eyes) or a Black&Decker.

If you’re looking for accessories to go with your toaster oven, see my recent Toaster Oven Accessory Buying Guide.

That’s it! Stay safe.




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