24 Easy Spanish Chicken Recipes

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These Spanish chicken recipes will take your typical weekday dinners to the next level.

This juicy bird is one of my favorite game day options.

It’s so meaty and delicious!

From the classic braised bird with mushrooms and tomato sauce to a hearty hearty stew, there’s something for everyone on this list.

So if you have a bunch of braised birds in the fridge, time to move them to a new home!

If you don’t, then it’s time to get ready for another family night.

These spanish chicken recipes are perfect for any occasion.

Spanish Chicken Recipe

1. Spanish-Style Chicken With Mushrooms Recipe

If you love the flavors of Spain and have a few extra minutes, this recipe is for you.

It’s a simple chicken dish with a smoky flavor and thick sauce.

The mushrooms add so much earthy goodness to the dish, making it more than just tasty.

It’s also vegetarian-friendly, which means it’s good for meat-eaters too!

2. Chicken Milanesa

Chicken milanesa is a classic Argentinian dish that’s perfect for any occasion.

This tasty chicken stir-fry is loaded with tender and juicy chicken pieces, sautéed onions, and crunchy tortilla strips.

The chicken milanesa is then smothered in a spicy sauce made of onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, and spices.

Serve with rice or white bread for dipping.


3. Spanish Chicken In White Wine And Garlic Sauce

Spicy and garlicky, this chicken is a meal in itself.

The chicken marinated overnight in white wine and garlic sauce, flavored with lemon juice and herbs, brings out the best flavors of both chicken and wine.

This dish is a feast for the senses.

With simple ingredients, you can easily make this recipe at home.

It’s ready in just 30 minutes!

4. Pollo Guisado Con Salsa De Tomate

This chicken dish is a classic Mexican dinner that everyone will love.

It’s full of flavor and packed with nutrients, making it perfect for any dinner.

The chicken is juicy and tender, while the sauce has plenty of spice.

Top it off with sliced avocado, cilantro, and tomatoes for a hearty meal.

5. Whole30 Spanish Chicken And Cauliflower Rice

This dish is a bit different, but you shouldn’t let that stop you.

If you like new flavors and sophisticated flavors, this one is just for you.

The chicken has cilantro and lime juice, while the cauliflower rice has chilis, cumin, and lime juice.

The result of all these amazing ingredients is a meal that is rich in flavor with a hint of spice.

It’s also low-carb keto-friendly and gluten-free.

6. Spanish Chicken With Tomato Sauce

It only takes 15 minutes to make this Spanish chicken dish.

You’ll use store-bought rotisserie chicken to save time.

Then, you’ll cook it with a blend of spices, tomatoes, and onions.

The result is a juicy, succulent meal that’s perfect for meatless Monday meals.

7. Sheet Pan Spanish Chicken & Chorizo

If you’re new to making your own taco seasoning, this is a great recipe to start with.

The process of mixing and measuring is super easy and will ensure that you always have the right ingredients.

The chicken strips are coated in diced tomatoes, spices, garlic powder, paprika, chili powder, cumin, salt, and pepper before being cooked in the oven.

Once cooked, the strips can be added to tacos or on their own as a burger patty.

Either way, they’re quick and easy to make.

8. Spanish Roast Chicken

This Spanish-inspired recipe is a classic, and it’s easy to make.

The chicken is first covered with a thick coating of olive oil.

Then it gets roasted in the oven until golden brown and crispy.

And just like in Spain, this dish is served with potatoes, cabbage, and tomatoes.

If you can make pizza dough (or use store-bought), that would be even better!

9. Spanish Garlic Chicken

You can also try this Spanish garlic chicken recipe for a healthier, more flavorful version of the traditional dish.

The sautéed and roasted chicken is smothered in a tomato sauce with ingredients like garlic, wine, and herb seasoning.

It comes together so quickly that you’ll want to make it again and again.

10. One Pot Spanish Chicken And Potatoes

This Spanish chicken and potatoes recipe is a fantastic way to impress your dinner guests.

It’s easy to make, and it has so many flavorful ingredients that you can’t go wrong.

Plus, this dish uses only five ingredients – chicken, potatoes, bell peppers, onions, and olive oil.

That means you’ll have plenty of leftovers for lunch the next day.

11. Spanish Chicken, Chorizo & Chickpea Stew

If you’re looking for a hearty meal to add some spice to your diet, this stew is exactly what the doctor ordered.

It combines chicken, chorizo (Spanish sausage), and chickpeas in a spicy broth that goes down easy during meal times.

This recipe also has plenty of veggies like red peppers, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and kale.

The chickpeas add a lovely extra dose of protein and fiber to keep your tummy full.

It doesn’t hurt that this dish is super flavorful either!

12. Spanish Chicken In Bravas Sauce

Spanish chicken in Bravas sauce is like a cross between a chili powder and an Asian-inspired stir-fry.

It’s brimming with spiced aromatics, smoky flavor, and tender chicken.

This dish is great for when you want something hearty but can’t quite get the taste of beef into that perfect balance of flavors.

Bravas has such a unique spicy kick, so it works really well here.

It’s not just chicken; this Spanish dish also features plenty of vegetables and spices, including some roasted baby potatoes.


13. Spanish Chicken Kebabs

If you’re looking for an easy homemade meal that uses minimal ingredients, give this Spanish chicken recipe a try.

This dish features juicy chicken thighs and tender vegetables swimming in a marinade of olive oil, garlic, chili pepper, bay leaves, paprika, and wine.

The result is a flavorful feast that will make your taste buds sing.

Serve it with rice or asparagus spears for a complete meal.

14. Chicken Afritada

I love Mexican food and this chicken afritada is one of my favorites.

It’s a tasty, spiced dish that combines the best flavors from Mexico with your favorite veggies.

The chicken is marinated in spices, then cooked in white sauce.

The result is crispy fried chicken coated in an insanely rich tomato-based sauce.

If you want to sneak some carbs into your diet, serve this as a salad instead of fries or potatoes!

15. Easy Spanish Chicken Stew

Although this Spanish chicken stew is rich and filling, it’s also surprisingly light.

Like a lot of other stews, it’s full of flavor from the spices and veggies.

The carrots add a pleasant sweetness to the stew, while the potatoes add some protein.

I like to serve it with a side salad for dipping.

16. Spanish Chicken Bake With Kale And Manzanilla Olives From Spain

I have to share this amazing Spanish chicken bake with kale and manzanilla olives.

It’s so good, you won’t believe it came from a few ingredients.

The panataho is super healthy, but the chicken is super juicy.

The kale takes on a wonderful fresh herb flavor that pairs well with the gamey-tangy sauce.

And then there’s the manzanilla olives, which are just so irresistible.

You can taste them even before they hit your mouth!

17. Easy One Pan Spanish Chicken And Rice

Meaning “Spanish chicken,” this recipe uses a combination of chicken thighs, peppers, mushrooms, and rice.

The veggies add great texture to the dish while the chicken and rice make it filling.

The sauce is simple – tomatoes and olive oil.

But it works so well with all the other flavors in the dish.

This one-pan meal is so easy that you can have it ready in under half an hour from start to finish!

18. Spanish Chicken and Chorizo Tray Bake Recipe

The Spanish chicken and chorizo tray bake is a perfect weeknight meal.

Perfect for those busy mornings when you need something quick and easy.

This dish features tender chicken, succulent ground pork, and crunchy crumbled chorizo.

It’s all packed in a casserole-like tortilla bowl.

It’s topped with onion, tomatoes, and a couple of tablespoons of cheese.

For added flavor, serve it with a side salad or roasted potatoes for an filling meal.

19. Spanish Chicken And Chorizo

Chorizo is a Spanish sausage that’s usually made from pork and cured in salt, paprika, and smoking agents.

It has a distinctive, smoky taste that pairs well with all kinds of things.

So if you have a smoker or BBQ going and want to transform your meat into something magnificent on the holidays, this recipe is the one to follow.

Mince chicken thighs and grill char siu until they are crispy and juicy.

Add a bit of oil over the grill, then add chorizo bits to cook as it chars.

Once everything is prepared, blend them together for an ultra-smoky sauce that will coat every bite you take!

20. Tara’s Spanish Chicken

Looking for a way to take the pressure off your Thanksgiving meal? This recipe is the answer!

It’s more than just a great dish of chicken, rice, and veggies.

It also has loads of flavorful spices and seasonings.

The chicken gets cooked in a Spanish cookstove with tomatoes and onions.

The rice gets cooked in olive oil, which infuses it with rich flavor.

The veggies are tender yet crunchy.

To complete this meal, there’s an optional but highly recommended side: mashed potatoes or roasted vegetables.

21. Spanish Chicken Over Saffron Rice

This is one elegant dish that’s sure to impress your dinner guests.

The chicken is tender and juicy, the rice is fluffy and buttery, and the saffron is bright and aromatic.

Serve this with roasted potatoes or sweet corn for a complete meal.

22. Syn Free Spanish Chicken and Rice

Nothing beats a simple chicken and rice dish when you’re on a diet.

And this recipe does just that!

It uses lean, healthy ingredients to make the perfect protein-packed meal.

And let’s face it, nothing beats chicken and rice.

This version is made with chicken breasts, wild rice, drizzled with olive oil, and seasoned with garlic powder and paprika.

If you love the classic combination of fresh herbs and spices in the classic dish, then this recipe will be right up your alley.

23. The Hairy Bikers’ Spanish Chicken Bake With Chorizo

This is the dish you need to make when you have a big group.

It’s filling, and it has all the rich flavors of Spanish chicken.

Plus, you can have it ready in just 20 minutes!

If you want to change things up, why not add some diced potatoes?

This is such a simple recipe without much fuss.

You can even leave out the chorizo if you’re feeling super indulgent.

24. Spanish Chicken With Butter Bean Bravas

This dish is a little bit different from the rest of the list.

Instead of chicken, this one features butter bean bravas, which are definitely a thing of beauty.

They’re also cooked in duck fat, giving them an incredible amount of flavor.

These meaty morsels are served with a creamy tomato sauce and homemade bread slathered with butter bean bravas.

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