The Best Cooking Blogs That I Read

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From time to time, individuals often ask me about the cooking blogs I truly take pleasure in browsing through.

I have five no-nonsense ones that I have been reading for a while now.

Check them out.

1. Food wishes

I love Chef John.

He is the best food blogger out there, period.

And hilarious to boot!


Also, he puts out a couple of great videos every week.

2. Smitten Kitchen

Deb is very simple and personable, but I usually have to scroll really far to get the recipe itself.

I don’t always want the backstory!

But the content itself is golden.


3. Serious Eats

They are a big company but I really like the content, especially by Kenji and Robyn Lee.

They make sure that every recipe has a lot of beautiful and detailed step-by-step photos.

Try their piece on why slow cookers are bad.

Also, reviews of places to eat in different cities and an active community.


4. Budget Bytes

This one is great for good, healthy and cheap recipes.

Good step by step pictures.

Look up okonomiyaki, Thai curry soup and Greek stuffed pitas.


And they have an awesome book!

5. Skinny Taste

She puts out great content.


She also has a couple of great books.

That’s all folks! Love,



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