What’s The Difference Between Left And Right Twix?

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The debate that there’s a taste and texture difference between the left and right Twix bar chocolates has been around for a while, especially on social media.

However, if you aren’t an avid fan, you may wonder if this is true, as these two delightful chocolates have almost the same look, design, and flavor. 

So, what’s the difference between left and right Twix?

The difference between the left and right Twix bars is in their coating.

In the left Twix, caramel cascades on the cookie while in the right Twix, caramel flows onto the cookie.

That said, these two chocolate bars contain similar ingredients and nutritional benefits. 

This article discusses the differences and similarities between these two chocolate bars.

In addition to that are nutritional benefits and risks of consuming these snacks. 

What’s the difference between left and right Twix? 

Aside from being written in red on a white label, the left Twix has less caramel and more cookies than its counterpart.

It’s also crunchier and sweeter than the right Twix as the cookie is mixed with chocolate first before being added to the caramel. 

The right Twix is wrapped with chocolate and has fewer cookies and more caramel.

This consistency makes it musty and less crunchy than the left Twix.

This Twix also seems thicker than its counterpart because of the heavy chocolate blanket.

Lastly, the name of this chocolate bar is written in white on a red label. 

In this regard, if you prefer to have more caramel stretch, the right Twix is the best option for you.

However, in case you prioritize crunchiness, the left Twix is more suitable for you. 

Why is there a left and right Twix? 

Although they have different consistencies and colored writings, these bars are the same as they are made of the same ingredients and are products of the same company.

The right and left Twix is just a company strategy to gain the consumers’ attention and thus increase sales.

This plan is meant to make these snacks fun.

However, the ‘candy curious’ has taken it to a whole other level by looking for possible differences and even picking sides which sounds hectic for those who care less. 

Which Twix sells more? 

Both the left and right Twix sell at the same rate.

This is because it’s hard to tell the difference between them.

That said, the main reason why people keep buying these bars is to try and compare them.

This means that they will buy both varieties each time and thus increase the general sales. 

As long as Twix fanatics keep arguing and comparing the two bars, Mars Chocolate will benefit and generate more revenue.

This makes the whole naming marketing strategy successful. 

Popularity comparison between the two Twix chocolate bars 

It’s safe to say that these two chocolate bars have the same level of popularity.

This is because they are both loved and fancied for their varying characteristics. 

For instance, people who enjoy more robust flavors will easily go for the right Twix, while those that want the crunchy feel and texture prefer the left Twix. 

Similarities between the right and left Twix 

Here are the main similarities between the left and right Twix. 

  • They have the same ingredients. 
  • They have similar nutritional benefits. 
  • Produced by the same company; Mars Chocolate 
  • They are both chocolate treats 

Ingredients in Twix bars 

In case you are a Twix fanatic and were wondering what they are made up of, below are the ingredients used in these chocolate bars. 

  • Milk chocolate includes skim milk, soy lecithin, artificial flavors, lactose, cocoa butter, sugar, and chocolate. 
  • Wheat flour 
  • Reduced Iron 
  • Thiamine mononitrate 
  • Riboflavin 
  • Folic acid 
  • Niacin 
  • Palm oil 
  • Corn syrup 
  • Modified corn starch 
  • Baking soda 

Interestingly, the left and right Twix have varying percentages of these ingredients, which may be a reason for the slight difference in taste. 

Twix nutritional composition 

Twix chocolate bars contain close to two hundred calories.

One biscuit of either type includes about fifteen grams of sugar and eleven grams of unsaturated fats.

A Twix bar also has around eight grams of proteins which is impressive. 

Additionally, ingesting this snack will offer you sixty-six grams of carbohydrates.

Another reason why people rave about this snack is that it’s also rich in cocoa powder.

It contains close to six grams of this chocolate product. 

In this regard, a Twix bar can keep you going for a while in case you’re starving.

However, because they taste so good, people eat all five bars in a pack. 

Health benefits of Twix chocolate bars 

It’s easy to assume that Twix chocolate bars, being snacks, have close to zero nutritional benefits.

However, these snacks have several nutrients that may enhance your well-being.

Some of their health benefits include: 

  • Long life – A Twix chocolate bar contains high amounts of zinc, vital for preventing oxidative stress, thus reducing the risk of contracting severe health conditions. 
  • Improve mental health – Snacking on Twix will enhance your mental health because it contains neurotransmitters that trigger happy emotions and reduce stress levels. 
  • Improve mood – Twix bars are rich in a compound known as phenylethylamine, which promotes brain health. It stimulates the central nervous system and helps the body produce chemicals that enhance mood. 
  • Increases antioxidants in the body – Antioxidants fight radicals in the body. Free radicals can become toxic in the body in high amounts. They are linked to health conditions like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. 
  • Decreases risk of cardiovascular diseases –  The high amounts of flavonoids in chocolate reduce lipoprotein levels and decrease inflammation hence protecting the heart.  

Healthy homemade Twix bars 

These homemade Twix bars are not only healthy but safe for everyone, from those who only have gluten-free foods to vegans.

Below are the ingredients in these treats. 

  • Shortbread cookie – This ingredient comprises vanilla, salt, maple syrup, coconut oil, and tiger nut flour. You could also use almond flour in place of tiger nut flour if you aren’t allergic to nuts. 
  • Dark chocolate – This dark chocolate coating includes coconut oil and chocolate chips. The coconut reduces the chocolate’s thickness making it easy to dip your bar for coating. 
  • Caramel – Caramel can be made using a blender or food processor. It includes coconut flour, vanilla, coconut oil, and salt. 

How to make homemade Twix bars 

Below are guidelines on how to make these snacks in the comfort of your home. 

  • Line the baking pan with foil 
  • Combine all the cookie ingredients in a bowl using your hand or fork 
  • Roll the dough into a ball 
  • Press onto the lined baking pan 
  • Make the caramel by placing all its ingredients in the food processor and blending well till smooth. 
  • Place the caramel on top of the cookie layer. 
  • Using parchment paper, press the caramel down to cover the whole pan 
  • Freeze for at least two hours 
  • Melt the chocolate and coconut oil under low heat 
  • Retrieve the cookie and caramel bar from the freezer and cut it into your preferable sizes 
  • Dip the pieces into the chocolate mixture and place them on a baking sheet 
  • Sprinkle some sea salt on the coated bars 

How to store homemade Twix bars 

The best place to store homemade Twix bars is in the freezer or fridge.

They can stay fresh for close to two weeks in the refrigerator and up to eight weeks in the freezer. 

Ensure you place the Twix bars in an air-tight container before placing them in the freezer or fridge.

This is because chocolate, their main ingredient, quickly absorbs the smells of other foods.

Additionally, the moisture in the refrigerator could cause the bars to have sugar bloom which isn’t appealing. 

Why is Twix the best sweet?

Twix is the best candy because it has a better recipe than its counterparts.

These sweets contain high amounts of cocoa powder, chocolate, and milk which have several nutritional benefits. 

Chocolate will boost your mental and cardiovascular health.

On the other hand, milk contains Vitamin D, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, and proteins which promote bone health and enhance the immune system. 

Frequently asked questions(FAQs) 

Which Twix is better? 

No Twix bar’s better than the other.

This is because people fancy these sweets for different reasons.

For instance, the left Twix is enjoyed for its crunchy texture, while the right is flavor lovers’ favorite. 

Why do Twix say left and right? 

The main reason for Twix to say left and right is for marketing.

This strategy is meant to start a discussion and thus attract customers. 

Are there left and right Twix factories? 

There are no left and right Twix factories.

The same company, Mars Chocolate, produces these chocolate bars. 

Is the left Twix chewier than the right? 

Twix fanatics say that the left Twix is chewier than the right.

This is because the cookies and chocolate are mixed first before being added to the caramel.

In this regard, the crunchiness of the cookies is retained. 

To wrap up 

There’s no significant difference between the left and right Twix apart from their texture and flavor severity.

That said, you could switch up these treats for healthy alternatives like homemade Twix bars from time to time to reduce sugar and fat intake. 

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