Tangy Publix Key Lime Pie Recipe

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Publix’s key lime pie recipe is a favorite choice for summer desserts.

It’s tart and tangy, but with a mouth-watering graham cracker crust and whipped cream topping.

The result is a dessert that’ll leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied.

Why not wow your family and friends tomorrow?

Once you try this recipe, you will forget the store-bought key lime pie because it tastes like a vacation in the Florida Keys.

A fresh-baked, homemade key lime pie is a real treat.

It’s also one of those gourmet desserts that make guests double-take when they see it on the table.

Best of all, it’s surprisingly easy to make from scratch.

Let’s get into it!

The history of publix key lime pie recipe

The Publix bakery was the first to start making key lime pies in Florida.

The store, originally founded by George W. Jenkins in 1930, was a small food store located on the corner of Seventh Street and Central Avenue in Winter Haven, Florida.

By 1960 however, the store had expanded to 21 locations throughout the state of Florida.

In 1991, the grocery chain had over 200 stores throughout Florida and remained as one of the most popular grocery stores in the state.

Over time, however, their key lime pie has become an iconic dessert in the south of America.

The pie has been described as “tart, but not overly so” and is topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

It’s often served cold or at room temperature and contains only four ingredients; eggs, sweetened condensed milk, key lime juice and graham cracker crust.

How to make a Publix key lime pie recipe

Key lime pie is one of the most popular desserts in the world. It’s so easy to make this creamy, dreamy Key Lime Pie!

Key lime juice and zest flavor the no-bake filling piled into a graham cracker crust makes you ask for more.

Key lime pie is traditionally made from key lime juice, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk in a pie crust.

The taste was magical that drew interest from chefs and food lovers who came up with different recipes.


●Two cans (14 ounces each), sweetened condensed milk

●½ cup almond(sliced)

●1 cup key lime juice

●Graham cracker crust

●Any Whipped topping of your choice


1.Put the condensed milk and lime juice in a bowl whisk until smooth

2.Add the mixture into a bowl of graham cracker crust. Refrigerate for 4-5 hours or until firm

3.Toast almond in a skillet for1-2 minutes. Set them aside and let them cool.

4.Sprinkle the almond on the edges of the whipped topping. Your nice crunch is ready!

How to make homemade graham cracker crust


●¼ cup white sugar

●½ tablespoon ground cinnamon

●1 cup finely ground graham cracker crumbs

●Five tablespoon butter(melted)


1.Add sugar, melted butter, cinnamon, and graham cracker crumbs in a bowl and mix well. Put rhe mixture into a seven or 8-inch pie plate.

2.Place in the oven and bake at 190 degrees C for 5-7 minutes, then set aside for cooling.

Amazing facts about original Publix key lime pie

●The Publix key lime pie is made through the inspiration of the original recipe

●Each key lime pie is decorated by hand by decoration experts

●The filling combines key lime and lime juice to create a balance that is not too tart or too sweet

●Every pie has real whipped cream

●The finishing is made of toasted almonds, candied chocolate, and whipped milk.

Health benefits of Publix key lime pie

●Lime is an excellent source of vitamin C, which is a powerful natural antioxidant. Additionally, it helps the body develop resistance against infectious agents and scavenge harmful, pro-inflammatory free radicals from the body.

●Consuming lime has improved insulin resistance and lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes and those without diabetes. This is likely because lime juice and its peel contain polyphenols, which have anti-diabetic properties.

●Both Limes and almonds contain antioxidants, flavonoids, and polyphenols that protect against damage caused by free radicals, which may reduce your risk of certain types of cancer.

●One animal study found that rats fed lime juice had higher total cholesterol levels and less lipid than rats not fed lime juice. This suggests that lime juice can be effective in lowering cholesterol.

●Almonds can play an essential role in weight loss diets. They’re high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats to keep you feeling full longer and avoid overeating.

How to use Publix key lime pie

As a dessert- Key Lime pie is vibrant, fun, and easy to use.

Its sweet-tart flavor packs a punch, and it’s great for adding the right amount of zipping to any dish.

This fantastic delicacy can make the blandest of foods taste heavenly when used for dessert. Here are some of them;

●Essential Lime Pie Cups-The individual servings make this one a perfect potluck or party dish.

●Coconut-Lime Macaroons-A fresh flavor boost from the lime complements the toasted coconut in these pretty cookies.

●Cool Lime Cheesecake-The creamy filling for this winning cheesecake gets a hint of tanginess from both lemon and lime juices.

Topping- You can be adventurous with key lime by topping your cakes and bars as a topping.

The best thing about Publix’s key lime is that it complements other flavors to make a better irresistible flavor.

Remember to give it a topping treat when you have your favorite cupcakes or blondie bars.

Dressing salad- salads could not get any better apart from a key lime dressing.

Your taste buds will get aroused for a bite and then lead you to more bites that you can’t get enough of.

Dress fruit and vegetable salads, and they will indeed thank you later.

Storing Publix key lime pie

●Storing Publix key lime pie for a short time

Put your key lime pie in an air-tight container with a lid.

Ensure that it is not contaminated with other foods to last longer.

Consume it within three days.

●Storing for long

To store for long, freeze the key lime pie. Pack it in an airtight container, squeeze the air inside, then seal and label.

Fill the container halfway or less to prevent cracking the crust and overfilling.

Place in the freezer for 2-3 hours for better freezing, then transfer it to a freezer bag.

How to know when Publix key lime pie has gone bad.

1.The smell becomes unusually sourish instead of a lime freshness

2.When the pie crust tears, cracks, or molds, it shows it is no longer fit for consumption

3.If the taste changes, it is a sign that it is not fresh

4.Look at its appearance. If there is discoloration or it has turned dark, it is not fit to use.

Why you will love publis key lime pie recipe

● It is flexible- Publix key lime pie gives the pleasure of being artistic.

You can play around with it by making it a topping, a dip, or a dessert.

Whatever you’ll choose to tag along will create a creamy and lime taste that is hard to resist.

●It is healthy- the winning contender in this amazing treat, lime, has myriad health benefits which also get a boost from other ingredients.

In addition, it has no additives and preservatives hence it is safe for consumption.

When craving an irresistible and healthy dessert, look no further than Publix key lime pie.

●It is easy to make- this recipe does not need you to stress out because it is straightforward. You will have your Publix key lime pie ready with a few ingredients.

If you are cook phobic, this is a safe-go zone.

The next time you feel a craving for something tangy yet delicious, this Publix key lime pie recipe will sort you out.

You can fix it for your friends and family in the next get-together, and we bet they will not get enough of it.

Ensure that it is in plenty to satisfy all and sundry.

If you are a food lover, try it today, and don’t hesitate to be artistic when using and serving it.

For chefs, this is a spot-on hit for your restaurant.

A whoopie pie is a sort of cake that typically consists of two round slices of cake sandwiching a sweet filling, which is sure to please everyone.


Can I freeze whipped cream?

Yes, you can. Cover a baking sheet with parchment and place the whipped cream on it using a spoon.

Put in the freezer for several hours or overnight until it is frozen solid.

Transfer the frozen whipped cream from the baking sheet to a freezer bag or an air-tight container.

It can last up to three months, but it’s best used within a month.

Can frozen Publix key lime pie be reheated?

Yes. to reheat frozen Publix key lime pie, let it thaw in the refrigerator for 6 hours or overnight.

Then put in the oven and heat at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes.

Should I substitute key lime with lime?

Yes, you can though key lime is preferred due to its tanginess and aromatic flavor.

Other options include lime zest, lemon juice, orange juice, or white wine vinegar.

Best Ever Tangy Publix Key Lime Pie Recipe

Best Ever Tangy Publix Key Lime Pie Recipe

Publix key lime pie recipe has been given the fan-favorite stamp of approval for summer treats
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 4 hours
Total Time 4 hours 15 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 2
Calories 674 kcal


  • 1 bowl


  • 2 cans 14 ounces each, sweetened condensed milk
  • ½ cup almond sliced
  • 1 cup lime juice
  • 1 Graham cracker crust
  • 1 Whipped topping


  • 1.Put the condensed milk and lime juice in a bowl whisk until smooth
  • 2.Add the mixture into a bowl of graham cracker crust. Refrigerate for 4-5 hours or until firm
  • 3.Toast almond in a skillet for1-2 minutes. Set them aside and let them cool.
  • 4.Sprinkle the almond on the edges of the whipped topping. Your nice crunch is ready!



Calories: 674kcalCarbohydrates: 73gProtein: 13gFat: 40gSaturated Fat: 6gPolyunsaturated Fat: 6gMonounsaturated Fat: 26gTrans Fat: 1gCholesterol: 1mgSodium: 403mgPotassium: 506mgFiber: 7gSugar: 19gVitamin A: 63IUVitamin C: 36mgCalcium: 139mgIron: 4mg
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