Reuse and Recycle Your Egg Cartons

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Sure! Here’s a rephrased version that meets your requirements: **Wondering if egg cartons can be recycled?** This question pops up quite a bit. **Good news!** Most **egg cartons** made from cardboard or paper get recycled just like other paper products. They get taken to recycling plants and turned into new paper things—cool, huh? **Plastic egg cartons** need special attention, though. Check the bottom for a recycling number. Most cities take plastics labeled **#1 or #2**, putting them through a process to make all sorts of things. Foam or **Styrofoam egg cartons**? Those are tricky. They usually can’t be recycled curbside and need special drop-off points. By recycling the right way, you **help** cut down trash, which makes a big difference for our planet. So, next time you finish those eggs, give a thought to where that **carton** goes. Your **Earth** will thank you!

The answer is yes — with a few caveats:

  • Paper or cardboard cartons are recyclable, just like any other paper without toxic ink. Styrofoam egg cartons are not recyclable.
  • Since recycling requires energy, and recycled waste still goes to landfill, putting your egg carton in a compost pile is a better solution that recycling it.
  • If you put a cracked egg back into the egg carton, or an egg is cracked and it leaks out, you cannot recycle the carton anymore because of food residue.
Egg carton to be reused or recycled

Better Alternatives to Recycling

Before you recycle your egg carton is use it for compost, try reusing it!

  • Give them to people with hens. They love to reuse them and are always on the lookout for more. Oh and don’t worry about mites or parasytes because they clean the carton before reusing it.
  • Use them as seed starters! Fill both the lid and wells with soil.




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