25 Homemade Sauce For Salmon Recipes

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**These yummy salmon dishes hit the spot during the hot summer days.**

From creamy sauces to spicy salsas, there’s a recipe here for everyone.

Salmon is one of the most versatile fish dishes out there.

 It’s a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth, and it always goes down easy.

If you’re looking for an easy way to dress up canned salmon, then look no further!

This list of salmon recipes has everything you can think of – from salads and burgers to casseroles and sashimi.

So keep reading and take your tastebuds on a trip with these salmon recipes!

25 Homemade Sauce For Salmon Recipes 1

1. Honey Mustard Salmon In Foil

This honey mustard salmon foil recipe is the perfect way to enjoy baked salmon without all the hassle of boiling it.

You can turn this amazing dish into an elaborate meal with a variety of side dishes.

 From roasted potatoes and asparagus to chili and steamed broccoli, there’s something for everyone!

Simply toss your fish filets in a honey mustard sauce, bake it in foil for 30 minutes, then serve it with a few sides.

 It’s simple yet delicious.

2. Pan Seared Salmon (with Lemon Butter Sauce!)

This pan-seared salmon recipe is the perfect way to show off your new kitchen equipment.

The buttery lemon sauce is a fantastic complement to the tender and flaky salmon.

The only downside of this dish is that it’s not really easy to make.

 Fortunately, there are no “how-tos” here!

All you need is some basic ingredients and a few minutes.

 This recipe will teach you how to make the best pan-seared salmon.

3. Cream Sauce For Salmon

For the most mouthwatering salmon, you’ll need a delicious and creamy sauce!

Coconut milk makes this sauce creamy, while butter adds its rich flavor.

Add the lemon juice for a fresh burst of flavors, and serve with fresh veggies or crusty bread.

4. Honey Garlic Glazed Salmon

The honey garlic glazed salmon is a simple yet mouthwatering dish.

 It’s perfect for summer, and it’s sure to be a hit with your guests.

It’s the kind of dish that you can make for your next party and impress everyone with how easy it is to make.

The salmon comes out beautifully flaky and full of flavor, while the sweet honey garlic glaze on top makes this dish so delicious!

Plus, you only need 10 minutes to prepare this recipe.

 And all you have to do is heat some butter in the microwave before adding the salmon.

5. Creamy Garlic Butter Salmon

Salmon is a wonderful fish to cook with.

 It’s mild, juicy, and cooks up fast.

Plus, it’s full of nutrients that can help you get your daily dose of protein.

So if you want the best meal for your body on a day when you need it most, this recipe is the answer.

It’s a creamy garlic butter sauce that brings out the flavor of salmon perfectly.

 You won’t believe how good this recipe tastes as it simmers away in the pan.

6. Dill Sauce For Salmon

If you’re a fan of the spice combination dill and lemon juice, then you’ll fall in love with this simple recipe.

The flaky fish is swimming in a sauce made from butter, garlic, dill, and lemon juice.

This seafood delight is quick to make and stays fresh all day.

Serve it with pasta or veggies for a satisfying meal that won’t leave you feeling weighed down after dinner.


7. Easy Baked Salmon With Lemon Butter Cream Sauce

This salmon dish is a winner.

 The lemon butter cream sauce is to die for!

It’s rich and creamy with just the right amount of sweet and zesty flavors.

The paprika adds a bit of spice, which pairs perfectly with the juicy salmon.

If you’re looking for an easy dinner recipe that everyone will love, this one fits the bill!

8. Authentic Chimichurri (Uruguay & Argentina)

If you want a quick and easy accompaniment to your pork roast, this chimichurri recipe is for you!

This delicious sauce is made from olive oil, garlic, green onions, parsley, lime juice, and red wine vinegar.

It’s an amazing flavor combination that pairs well with almost any meat.

But if it’s prime rib I’m eating tonight, that’s when this Chimichurri comes in!

9. Cilantro Lime Salmon (with Creamy Cilantro Sauce!)

Cilantro and lime are a match made in heaven.

This fish is the epitome of flavor, and it’s so easy to make.

Featuring a mild Mediterranean taste with a hint of heat from the cilantro, you’ll love this recipe!

10. Slow-Roasted Salmon With Horseradish Dill Sauce

Here’s another salmon recipe that you won’t want to miss!

This time around, the fish is slow-roasted in a delicious horseradish and dill sauce.

It’s so good, you can use it to coat any meat or veggies.

Did I mention it takes only 15 minutes to make?

You’ll love how this meal plays well with salads, rice, and beans.

The flavors are warm and comforting without being too spicy.

11. Salmon With Béarnaise Sauce

This beautiful, buttery salmon with a Béarnaise sauce is perfect on its own.

However, it’s even better when paired with baked potatoes and roasted vegetables.

You can make this dish in minutes!

Once the fish is seared, all you have to do is add the sauce and bake.

It’s easy as that.

12. Tuscan Salmon With Parmesan Cream Sauce

This Tuscan salmon with Parmesan cream sauce is the perfect dish for a romantic dinner.

It’s rich, creamy, and full of flavor.

 Plus, it’s really easy to make.

The combination of lemon juice, garlic, and salt creates a lovely balance between sweet and salty.

 It goes so well with fresh greens like kale or arugula.

Pair it with crusty bread and a glass of red wine for the perfect meal!

13. Easy Cajun Salmon With A Creamy Cajun Sauce

If you love your salmon to be juicy and flavorful, this recipe is for you.

It’s loaded with lemony, spicy Cajun seasoning, making it the perfect pairing with white fish.

The sauce is made with melted butter and heavy cream, so the flavors are especially rich.

This dish is finished off by adding a dollop of fresh cilantro lime yogurt on top.

14. Pan-Seared Salmon Recipe With Beurre Blanc Sauce

If you want something with a hint of lemon, then this is the recipe for you.

I know it’s hard to resist a citrusy dish when it’s fresh from the oven, but if you’re planning on making this twice in a day, I suggest using something else first.

Like roasted garlic!

15. Tangy Leek And Olive Gremolata Sauce

This tangy leek and olive gremolata sauce is a fantastic addition to any Italian meal.

It’s brimming with freshness, plus it pairs well with the perfect tender steak.

This dish is so good that I want you to make it even if you don’t usually cook meat.

The combination of lemon juice and olive oil gives this sauce a bright flavor.

You can use any type of leeks for this recipe, but I recommend having some small ones in the fridge so they stay slightly crunchy.

16. Salmon Burgers With Avocado Garlic Sauce

Salmon burgers are incredible on their own.

 But when they’re slathered with a creamy avocado garlic sauce, they’re even better!

The salmon is flaky and succulent, while the avocado-garlic sauce is creamy and tangy.

These aren’t just well-seasoned but also dotted with dill for a refreshing kick.

Serve them on toasted brioche buns for a delightful summer meal.


17. Pan Seared Salmon With Wine Butter Sauce

Pan-seared salmon with wine butter sauce is the perfect way to impress your guests!

It’s a quick, easy dinner recipe that will satisfy your cravings while leaving you feeling clean and refreshed.

The wine butter sauce coats every bite of the salmon perfectly.

 It’s rich, creamy, and tastes as good as it smells.

And it only takes 15 minutes to pull together!

So serve this dish at your next get-together because everyone will be talking about it for weeks!

18. Salmon With Cream And White Wine Sauce

This recipe is a simple one that can easily be doubled if you’re serving guests.

You’ll need to cook the salmon in cream and white wine sauce, which I find a little too strong for fish.

But you could use some red wine vinegar, or soy sauce instead if you prefer.

Either way, it will make the cream sauce so rich and delicious.

To get this sauce out of the pan and onto the plate, pour off any excess liquid from your pan.

This will keep the top from burning as this dish warms up!

19. Poached Salmon With Capers And Hollandaise Sauce

This poached salmon recipe is a surefire way to impress your guests.

The fish is perfectly cooked with a light, crispy exterior and juicy interior.

It’s paired with capers and Hollandaise sauce for an extra pop of flavor.

For a more dramatic presentation, you can top the dish with sliced mushrooms and parsley.

20. Grilled Salmon With Brown Butter Citrus Sauce

If you’re in the mood for a light and healthy meal, this recipe is right up your alley!

The smoked salmon is seasoned with lemon, capers, and dill.

You’ll create a tasty citrus sauce from brown butter and orange juice.

Your guests will love its sweet tanginess in every bite.

Serve this dish to your loved ones as an appetizer or add it to your dinner menu for a flavorful treat.

21. Salmon Patties With Honey Sriracha Sauce

These salmon patties with honey sriracha sauce are the perfect way to celebrate summer.

The texture of these fish patties is exactly what you’re looking for.

 They’re crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Adding sriracha to the mix just enhances its bold, delicious flavors.

 It pairs well with both sweet and savory dishes alike.

It’s easy enough to prepare in one bowl, but it tastes even better when served with veggies like cucumbers or tomatoes.

22. Spicy Salmon Sashimi With Ponzu Sauce

Sashimi is a traditional Japanese dish made with fresh raw fish.

 This one-of-a-kind sashimi is perfect for any occasion.

It’s brimming with fresh ingredients and the ponzu sauce adds a touch of sweetness to this spicy salmon.

When combined, it creates the ultimate tasty sushi.

The best part?

You can easily make this dish in 30 minutes or less!

23. Salmon Cakes With Chive And Garlic Sauce

Salmon cakes are always a hit and this one is no exception.

Boneless, skin-on salmon fillets are coated with a rich, delicious batter and baked to perfection.

It’s drizzled with a garlic butter sauce that complements the meaty goodness of the fish perfectly.

Serve these tasty salmon cakes as part of an appetizer or main course at your next party.

 They will be a crowd-pleaser!

24. Salmon With Goat Cheese And Blueberry Sauce

If you’ve ever tried to make a salmon dish with goat cheese and blueberry sauce, you know it can be tough.

It’s not the easiest thing to work with, but if you follow the recipe exactly, it turns out perfectly.

You’ll use kale for this, which is great for adding a touch of green to your meal.

 But if you have some spinach in the crisper, that would be even better.

The salmon itself is fresh and flaky, as well.

 It takes about 2 hours to cook on high heat.

The sauce isn’t complicated at all either.

 You just need some yogurt and honey.

I also like this with a sprinkle of parsley or chives on top – it gives it that extra bit of color and flavor.

25. Crispy Turmeric Salmon With Yogurt Sauce

Crispy, sweet salmon is a delightful treat.

The trick to perfect salmon flakes is to use fresh tuna.

 And when you’re in a pinch, frozen turmeric salmon works too!

This turmeric dish with yogurt sauce is full of fresh herbs and veggies.

It’s creamy, spicy, and absolutely delicious.

25 Homemade Sauce For Salmon

25 Homemade Sauce For Salmon Recipes

These delicious salmon recipes are perfect for summer.
From creamy sauces to spicy salsas, there’s a recipe here for everyone.
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Cook Time 25 minutes
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Course Dinner
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