How To Tell If A Sweet Potato Is Bad?

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Adding a substantial amount of sweet potatoes to your diet can be advantageous for your well-being.

Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A and potassium, which are both important nutrients that help keep your body healthy.

They’re also low in calories and fat, making them a great weight loss tool as well.

However, there are times when you might come across a sweet potato that’s not up to par.

Whether it’s because it was exposed to too much heat, it went through too many shipping processes, or it’s been sitting around too long, there are some telltale signs that can alert you to whether or not that particular sweet potato is safe to eat.

We’ll explain what those signs are here so you can avoid wasting money and time by avoiding a potentially dangerous sweet potato.

How To Tell If A Sweet Potato Is Bad

How can you tell if a sweet potato is bad?

The first thing to consider is how old the sweet potato is.

If it looks pretty fresh, then chances are it’s fine to eat.

However, if it looks at all dried out, then it’s probably best to toss it out.

You could try a quick test with a knife to see how hard the sweet potato is.

If it feels quite soft, then it’s likely going to be fine to eat.

Another sign that a sweet potato is potentially bad is its coloration.

If the surface of the sweet potato is dark brown, black, or greenish-brown, then this means that it’s probably not safe to eat.

This is usually an indicator of oxidation, but it could also mean that the sweet potato has been exposed to too much light.

What are the signs of a bad sweet potato?

Once you’ve decided that the sweet potato isn’t worth eating, you’ll want to check the rest of its exterior for other signs that it’s not safe to eat.

These include bruising, soft spots, and discolorations on the skin.

If any of these things are present, then you should definitely skip this one.

You might also find mold growing on the sweet potato, which also indicates that it’s not safe to eat.

Mold forms when moisture accumulates inside the sweet potato, usually after it’s been sitting around for a while.

It’s usually harmless, but if it smells bad, then you should throw it away immediately.

If you want to get really picky about it, you can also inspect the interior of the sweet potato for discoloration.

Discoloration can indicate spoilage from bacteria that have gotten into the sweet potato, but it can also signify that the sweet potato has been left out in the sun too long.

How do you know if a sweet potato has gone bad?

When you buy a sweet potato, you generally want to make sure that it doesn’t have any obvious signs of spoilage.

But sometimes, even the most careful shoppers don’t notice the signs right away.

That’s why it’s good to look for these signs before buying a sweet potato.

Here are some telltale signs that you can use to determine if a sweet potato is ripe or rotten:

Discoloration: As we mentioned above, discoloration can be a sign that a sweet potato has been left outside for too long, or it can indicate that the sweet potato has been exposed to too much light. Either way, it won’t be safe to eat.

Soft spots: Soft spots can also be a sign that a sweet potato needs to be tossed out. They typically appear near the stem end of the sweet potato.

Bruises: Bruises aren’t necessarily a sign that a sweet potato is spoiled, but they can be an indicator of mishandling. The sweet potato should be perfectly round, and it shouldn’t have any bruises or indentations.

How To Tell If A Sweet Potato Is Bad? 2

How can you tell if a sweet potato has gone off?

After you’ve looked at the sweet potato itself, you can also take a sniff to evaluate its smell.

If the sweet potato stinks, it’s probably not going to be safe to eat.

What do bad sweet potatoes look like?

Bad sweet potatoes don’t always have discolorations or soft spots.

Sometimes, they just look kind of weird.

For example, they might have a strange shape.

Or they might have a weird texture.

If you’ve ever had a bad sweet potato, you know that the skin will often turn yellow or brown.

The same goes for the flesh.

The flesh might also have a funny smell.

How can you tell if a sweet potato has gone off?

There are a lot of different ways that a sweet potato can go off, so it’s impossible to say exactly what will happen every single time.

However, there are a couple of telltale signs that you should watch out for.

One of the easiest ways to tell if a sweet potato is rotting is by looking at the bottom of the sweet potato.

If it’s starting to rot near the bottom, then it’s probably not safe to eat.

Another way to tell if a sweet potato is rotten is by checking the stems.

If the stems start to rot, then it’s probably not safe to eat.

What does a bad sweet potato taste like?

In general, a bad sweet potato tastes very sour.

The sweet potato is also likely to have a strong flavor, and it might even produce a chemical taste.

How can you tell if a sweet potato is rancid?

Rancidity is a condition where the fats in food begin to break down.

When this happens, the fatty acids become toxic to humans.

Because of this, you should never eat a sweet potato that’s been stored for too long.

This is especially true if the sweet potato has been stored in sunlight.

In fact, the FDA recommends against storing foods in direct sunlight, and it suggests that you refrigerate them instead.

How do you know when a sweet potato is no longer good to eat?

It’s normal to lose some of the vitamins in a sweet potato over time.

After all, the vitamins can leach out into the soil, which is where the plant grows.

However, if you lose more than half of the vitamins in a given sweet potato, then it’s probably time to toss that sweet potato out.

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Sweet Potatoes Baked in a Toaster Oven

Sweet Potatoes Baked in a Toaster Oven

Baked potatoes are a very popular staple food, not to mention that you can survive on a jacket potato and butter diet indefinitely. Besides the traditional butter and sour cream, try salsa or chili. You will need a toaster oven.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American
Servings 2
Calories 230 kcal



  • 2 medium sweet potatoes
  • 2 tsp olive or vegetable oil
  • ½ tsp salt


  • Cut sweet potatoes in half lengthwise. Brush cut sides with oil. Sprinkle with salt. Place on parchment- or foil-lined oven pan, with the cut side up.
  • Bake in preheated 400 °F (200 °С) toaster oven for 30 to 35 minutes, or until fork-tender.



Calories: 230kcalCarbohydrates: 45gProtein: 4gFat: 4gSaturated Fat: 1gSodium: 706mgPotassium: 762mgFiber: 7gSugar: 9gVitamin A: 32063IUVitamin C: 5mgCalcium: 68mgIron: 1mg
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