Dried Jujube?

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In Asia, dried jujube is a popular variety of dried fruit.

It’s also known as Chinese dates or Japanese dates.

This article will explain what it is, how to store it, and how to prepare it for cooking.

You can also learn more about the health benefits of this particular fruit.

Dried Jujube

What is the nutritional value of dried jujube?

The nutritional value of dried jujube depends on the variety you buy.

The nutritional value of each variety may be slightly different.

For example, a typical red jujube contains around 100 calories per serving.

Most varieties of dried jujube have a high sugar content, which makes them extremely sweet.

This is because they contain a lot of moisture at the time of harvest.

The drying process removes much of the water, leaving behind a dense, chewy product with a strong flavor.

What are the benefits of dried jujube?

There are several reasons why people like dried jujube so much.

Here are just a few of the main ones.

It’s easy to eat

Dried jujube is a very convenient snack. It’s small enough to fit into your pocket, bag, or backpack without taking up too much space.

It’s inexpensive

Dried jujube is often sold cheaply at grocery stores and convenience stores. You can find them for as little as $1 per pound.

It’s delicious

Many people enjoy eating dried jujube for its intense sweetness.

And since it’s packed with vitamins and minerals, it provides many health benefits.

What are the side effects of dried jujube?

Like other dried fruits, dried jujube can cause digestive problems when eaten raw.

If you don’t cook it first, then it can also cause diarrhea and stomach pain.

However, dried jujube doesn’t seem to affect anyone who eats it cooked properly.

How should I store dried jujube?

You shouldn’t keep dried jujube in the refrigerator.

Instead, store it in an airtight container away from heat and sunlight.

You can put it in the freezer if necessary.

Dried Jujube? 1

How long does dried jujube last?

Dried jujube lasts for quite a while.

In fact, it keeps pretty well even after being stored in the freezer.

Keep it out of direct sunlight, and it should stay good for at least two years.

What are some recipes that use dried jujube?

Dried jujube is often used in savory dishes.

People eat it by itself or mixed into various stews and soups.

Some common ways to use it include:

Dry jujube chips

Dry jujube chips are made by removing the outer skin of the fruit.

They’re then ground into a powder and fried.

The resulting chips are crunchy and full of nutrients.

Fruit salad

Fruit salads are usually served at picnics and barbecues.

You can make one using dried jujube instead of raisins or cranberries.

Stuffed peppers

Stuffed peppers are popular all over the world.

You can stuff them with cooked rice, meat, or vegetables.

Then you top them off with a spicy sauce.

Fruit cake

Fruit cakes are a traditional dessert.

They’re usually made with dried fruit, nuts, and spices.

You can serve them at special occasions such as birthdays and holidays.

Here are some of the best-known brands of dried jujube:


Kikuichi is the leading brand of dried jujube in Japan.

It’s available in both red and green versions.


Ningyo is another leading brand of dried jujube in Japan.

It comes in a wide range of colors, including white, yellow, orange, pink, purple, black, brown, and red.


Mitsui produces a number of dried jujubes in the United States.

These include the original red jujube, and the white, gold, and blue varieties.

How do I know if my dried jujube is fresh?

If you want to ensure that your dried jujube isn’t spoiled, here are a few things to look for:

  • Check the color – Freshly harvested dried jujube should be bright red.
  • Look at the weight – A fresh dried jujube should weigh between 8 ounces (227 grams) and 10 ounces (284 grams).
  • Check the smell – Fresh dried jujube should have a pleasant aroma. If it smells bad, throw it out immediately.
  • Check the texture – Fresh dried jujube should feel firm but not hard. Hard dried jujube is likely to be stale.

What is the history of dried jujube?

Dried jujube originated in China thousands of years ago.

There were no cultivated trees until the Han Dynasty (206 BC–220 AD), when Emperor Wu sent emissaries to search for suitable plants.

After crossing the Yellow River, they found wild jujube trees growing near the banks.

At the time, these trees had been cut down by local farmers, who used their wood to fuel their fires.

The emissaries brought back seeds from the trees, planted them, and created the first plantations in the area.

Today, dried jujube is still grown in the same region where the trees originally grew.

Are there any interesting facts about dried jujube?

There aren’t many interesting facts about dried jujube.

But one thing is true: Dried jujube is an excellent source of fiber.

It has more than twice as much fiber as a medium apple, and almost four times as much as a banana!

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