Yummy Pink Alcoholic Drinks

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These vibrant pink alcoholic blends offer an excellent method for adding a touch of elegance to your usual drinks!

From fruity mixed drinks and bubbly cocktails to boozy mocktails and sips, there’s a drink for every occasion.

If you’re looking for something bright and pretty, you’ve come to the right place.

These pink alcoholic drinks will make any party more fun and exciting.

If you’re not sure where to start, that’s OK.

I have you covered.

This list features 12 of my favorite pink alcoholics.

So, pick your poison, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get mixing!

Yummy Pink Alcoholic Drinks

1. Pink Starburst Cocktail

If you think pink is your favorite color, then I have the perfect cocktail for you.

This recipe takes a classic

Pink Starburst cocktail and adds rainbow colored marshmallows to the mix.

It’s a colorful, fruity treat that’s sure to delight.

Plus, it only takes five minutes to make!

Enjoy this fun drink any time of day with a bit of guilt-free happiness.

2. Three Ingredient Pink Party Punch

You’ll love this festive pink punch for the summer parties of your youth.

All you need is a handful of ingredients and a lot of fun.

You can whip up this drink in about 20 minutes, so it’s perfect for any occasion.

It’s pretty much like a combination of lemonade and sparkling water.

However, you will add grape juice and grenadine to improve the taste.

3. Pink Starburst Jello Shots

I love the way these look, especially if you add pink food coloring to the mix!

They’re a great treat for the little ones and make for a fun party favor.

The only thing about these that I don’t like is that they take quite a long time.

When I make them as favors, I typically use two desserts – one with condensed milk and one with marshmallows.

But if you want to come up with something different, why not try adding some maraschino cherries into the mix?

4. Strawberry Pink Lemonade Vodka Cocktail

This drink is just like a strawberry lemonade, only you’ll substitute vodka for lemonade.

It’s a boozy treat that gives your tastebuds the same sweet and tart flavors as the original, but with a little more kick.

The pink color may not be too noticeable in the summer sun.

But when it dries, it will definitely catch everyone’s attention.

5. Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail

This is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion.

You can have a whole bottle of champagne in one glass.

It’s the perfect way to start your night off right, and you’ll feel so good after this sweet drink.

Cotton candy syrup is what makes it sweet and decadent, so nothing beats that!

The darker the better for this cocktail because it will be more of a violet color.

To get those lovely accents, mix some white wine with white sugar, or use all dark liquor for best results.

6. Pink Senorita Drink

Dear old Auntie Flo, I can’t believe you didn’t think of this before!

The pink senorita is a delicious mix of champagne, orange juice, and lemonade.

It’s a boozy and refreshing summer drink that’s perfect for the hot days.

It tastes beautiful with minimal effort on your part.

The best part?

It only needs one bowl to make!

7. Pink Lemonade Wine Slushie

The pink lemonade slushie is a sweet, fruity drink that’s perfect for summer.

It tastes like orange and pineapple juice blended with sparkling wine.

It’s creamy and slightly sweet, but it also has a hint of tartness that makes everything just right.

Of course, if you don’t like the taste of orange juice, try using grapefruit instead.

8. Watermelon & Chill Cocktail

This recipe is for the true watermelon lover out there.

It’s a cool, refreshing drink that will make you feel good even if you don’t have time to do anything.

The vodka and triple sec are both super sweet and salty, which makes them perfect match.

The watermelon juice balances out quite well, so it doesn’t overpower the alcohol.

There are no ice cubes in this one, but you can use frozen fruit juice boxes if you prefer.


9. Strawberry Mojito Mocktail

This is a fun and fruity drink that’s a great addition to any summer party.

It’s sweet, fruity, and refreshing.

It’s also 100% vegan-friendly!

If you love the flavors of strawberry margarita mix with lime juice, this is the recipe for you.

There are no alcohol or added sugars in this mocktail.

I can’t think of a better combination than these two!

10. Pink Vodka Lemonade Cocktail

This boozy drink is like a pink lemonade at its best.

It’s tart, zesty, and made with Vodka and lemon juice (no alcohol in it!).

It also has a splash of soda water for that refreshing citrus flavor.

All together, you get a very fruity cocktail that won’t make you feel sick in the mornings.

11. Hot Pink Barbie Drink

I was a kid, and I still loved Barbie.

I remember wanting to be the big girl who could get away with this pink drink.

So, when I saw this recipe, it was a no-brainer.

The fruit cocktail is so easy to make at home with just four ingredients – strawberries, orange juice, water, and sugar.

Toss in some mint or lemons for an extra pop of citrus flavor!

This pink drink is as simple and thirst-quenching as can be.

Plus, it’s a fun way to celebrate the end of summer!

12. Giggle Juice Cocktail

Take your day to the next level with this giggle juice!

With a green apple, pineapple, and grapefruit base, it’s naturally sweet and refreshing.

Top it off with some yogurt and get ready to relax.

It’s a great way to brighten up any day.

It makes me smile every time I drink it!

13. Pink Lemonade Vodka Punch

I know that pink lemonade is the classic, but this punch is really special.

It’s pretty much a carbonated dessert.

You’ll use lemonade concentrate to make it sweet, and you’ll let it gently bubble before adding sparkling wine.

That should be all you need!

But then there are also fizzy bubbles, yumminess, and color (though I usually don’t think so).

And best of all, it takes less than 5 minutes to make.

That means everyone can have a blast.

Pour It In Your Mouth

Mix the ingredients together in a pitcher or glass jar.

Pour into a large shot glass and enjoy!

14. Peach & Pink Lemonade Punch

This fun and zesty lemonade is a must-try for any party.

It’s light, sweet, tangy, and super refreshing.

It has the perfect blend of fruit juice, water, sugar syrup, and simple syrup.

You can add lime juice to cut through some of the tartness if you want.

It’s so easy to make that even kids can help out!

15. Cosmopolitan Cocktail

This Cosmopolitan cocktail is a perfect balance of sweet and sour, thanks to the cranberry juice.

It’s also infused with orange and lime juices, so it’ll definitely hit the spot.

To make this cosmopolitan, simply combine vodka with cranberry juice and orange juice.

Then, add them all into a glass glass.

You won’t need any garnishes because it has plenty of fresh fruit and mint leaves alone.

(I like to garnish mine with a touch of salt.)

16. Strawberry Soju Cocktail

I love the color of this soju cocktail.

It’s pink and purple with a hint of green, and it looks fantastic!

However, the taste is not up to par with some of the other cocktails on this list.

It’s sweet and tart, though, which is right in line with the strawberry flavor.

This is also a great drink for summer.

Grape juice or lemonade would be a good alternative if you don’t feel like making something spicier.

17. Cotton Candy Margaritas

Cotton candy margaritas are the stuff of dreams.

They’re sweet, creamy, and just a little bit tart.

They have all the style and substance you love about your favorite frozen drinks but with a refreshing twist.

The added mint gives them a fresh flavor that pairs well with the rich sweetness of the drink.

You can enjoy them anytime you want, whether it’s on a hot summer day or in March when you’re starting to get hangry.

18. Strawberry Champagne Punch

This creamy champagne punch is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion.

It’s sweet, bubbly, and bursting with strawberries.

Plus, the Champagne provides a touch of elegant sophistication that makes it stand out from other desserts.

19. Pink Squirrel

The pink squirrel is a delicious treat that gets its name from the color of the caramel.

It’s also made with a wonderful combination of nuts and dried fruits.

This fun pout is sweet, tart, and nutty.

I know you won’t be able to resist one!

Also, if you have any leftover applesauce (or even just plain old apple juice), you can use that too!

Don’t worry – it will still be great.

20. Barbie Pink Cocktail

I know the name sounds a bit too “sweet” for this cocktail, but trust me.

Pink is so much cooler than red!

This drink is sweet and orange-flavored with a nice amount of peach juice and fresh mint.

The peach flavor complements the rose water tremendously, giving you that tingling sensation.

21. Pink Champagne Float Cocktail

If you love pink champagne cocktails, you’ll adore this one.

It’s a light and refreshing drink that’s just as festive as the color.

The bubbles in this one are so subtle, they almost blend into the clear glass.

But when you mix them with Sprite, it gives it a sweet and tangy flavor that pairs well with its bubbly look.

That said, it won’t taste like any kind of champagne cocktail you’ve ever had before.

It has only two or three drops of club soda, but it sure tastes like champagne!

22. Pink Moscato Lemonade

I’m a huge fan of the bright, citrus flavors and creamy texture of this pink Moscato lemonade.

It’s a refreshing summer drink that’s also surprisingly healthy.

It has just a hint of sweetness from the Moscato wine, but you won’t notice it on your tongue.

Instead, the sweet taste will be right in front of your nose when you take a sip.

This drink is perfect for hot days with friends or family.

It’s light but full of flavor!

23. Dirty Shirley Drink

With a name like that, you should probably expect this drink to be spot-on.

And it is!

This Shirley cocktail has the perfect blend of gin and lemonade, with some added ice cubes for coldness.

The best part?

You can make it in under 10 minutes.


24. Gin And Aperol Cocktail

When it comes to gins, I think the same can be said for bols.

They’re relatively simple and fun to make, and they can be a nice alternative to more complicated spirits.

To that end, this gin-apéro is a lovely little drink with just enough of an alcohol kick to make it interesting but not too hot.

It’s light and citrusy with just enough complexity from the gin.

(You can use another gin if you prefer.)

25. Pink Flamingo Drink

It’s a drink made with pineapple juice, flamboyaise and champagne.

The flamboyaise is the bubbly part that can be both sweet or tart.

It really is a fun way to change up your favorite cocktail.

Plus, you can use whatever fruits you prefer!

This is also an excellent way to make an ice cream float without using an ice cream maker.

Yummy Pink Alcoholic Drinks

Peach & Pink Lemonade Punch

2 cups Absolute Peach Vodka 4 cans La Croix in Peach Pear Flavor 1 can frozen pink lemonade concentrate fresh fruit for garnish
Prep Time 5 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine American


  • 2 cups Absolute Peach Vodka
  • 4 cans La Croix in peach pear flavor
  • 1 can frozen pink lemonade concentrate
  • fresh fruit for garnish


  • Mix all ingredients together.
  • Enjoy!


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