Best Brats In Oven

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You can prepare the ultimate comfort dish by roasting these brats in the oven.

They’re meaty, briny, and full of smoky goodness, but they’re light enough to eat with your hands.

And unlike sausages that can be hard to work with, these brats are so easy you could make them every day and never get bored!

Except maybe with the beer-battered kind, of course.

But regardless, these brats are always a hit at parties.

Try them with potato chips or even as a crust for a pizza.

They’re also perfect for breakfast, when you just slice off some tender meat and fry it up.

It’s already pretty irresistible so why not add more flavor?

It’s time to put away those sausages and try something new with these brats in oven!

Best Brats In Oven

1. Oven-Baked Bratwurst

Bratwurst is one of my favorite meats.

It’s juicy, tender, and incredibly meaty.

This oven-baked version never disappoints!

The brats are cooked in a beer batter and served with sauerkraut, mustard, and horseradish sauce.

Serve this delicious dish for dinner or as an appetizer.


2. Oven Roasted Brats With Onions And Peppers

If you’ve never made homemade brats before, this is the recipe for you.

Toss your meat mixture in a pan and roast it in the oven.

It takes about an hour, but that’s definitely worth the wait!

This dish is ideal for summer nights with family and friends.

It’s a healthy twist on a classic American dish.

3. Sheet Pan Brats & Potatoes

If you’ve never made your own brats, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

Start by cooking the beef with lots of spices.

You’ll stop when it hits the right tenderness point, which should be pink and juicy.

Be sure to season generously so the meat doesn’t dry out.

The potatoes are pretty standard and easy, though you may add more seasoning for that extra bit of moisture.

4. Beer Brats In Oven

Beer brats are a classic BBQ dish that you can make in just 15 minutes.

You’ll take a large sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil and cover it with your brats.

As the recipe says, “just pop them in the oven and bam!

They’re done.”

But they don’t need to be left unattended in the oven.

Just cut them up on a cutting board and grill them right over the fire.

This is one of those simple recipes that you can use all kinds of ways.

But I like to slice mine into pieces wide enough so they cook evenly.

If you want to add some extra flair, light these on fire, too!

5. Garlic Brown Sugar Bratwurst And Sauerkraut

This is a fantastic recipe for beginners!

It’s easy to make, and it’s packed with flavor.

The bratwurst are juicy and flavorful.

They’re also incredibly tender, making them extra yummy.

Sauerkraut adds a bit of acidity that balances out the flavors perfectly.

These sauerkraut-bratwurst sandwiches don’t just taste great; they look incredible, too!

6. Baked Brats & Sauerkraut

While you can use spices or beer, I prefer my brats with a bit of heat.

That said, if you like your sauerkraut more mild, use brown sugar instead of white.

If you want your kraut to be a little sweeter, add some extra apple cider vinegar.

Either way, these are delicious!

7. Brats In An Air Fryer

Brats in an air fryer – it’s the perfect recipe for your next Super Bowl party.

The game day crowd will love this tasty way to feed their mouths.

This recipe is great because it requires only five minutes of prep time and 15 minutes of cooking time.

The Bratwurst comes out crispy and delicious, with a crispy top and tender bottom.

It’s so good, you won’t even mind eating them without the sauce!

8. Oktoberfest Sheet Pan Brats With Roasted Vegetables

Need something to get your mouth watering?

These Oktoberfest brats with roasted vegetables are just the thing.

Packed with flavor, this dish is sure to impress.

The brats have a fantastic crust that tastes like a well-done steak, and it pairs perfectly with marinated veggies that add tons of texture.

Top it off with sauerkraut or melted German cheese for extra flair!

9. Sheet Pan Bratwurst, Potatoes and Veggies

Finding the perfect pot of gravy to go with your bratwurst is a tricky beast.

If you’re looking for something that tastes like it came from a restaurant, then this scrumptious recipe will definitely be up your alley.

The potatoes are sliced into small cubes, which allow for even cooking.

Plus, they make the perfect base for all those delicious toppings!

I love how this dish is as simple as it is tasty.

Satisfy your craving without compromising on quality.

10. Quick Roasted Chicken Sausage And Veggies

This dish is so hearty and filling, it’ll make you feel like you’re on a diet.

The chicken sausage is made with ground turkey for extra protein, and the veggies are fresh and crisp.

The classic Italian seasoning adds a satisfying kick to every bite.

It’s easy to make but hard to resist.

Serve it with a side salad or try it as an appetizer.

You won’t be sorry!

11. Air Fryer Brats With Peppers And Onions

Brats are a classic BBQ meat, and they’re great on the grill.

But do you think it will be bad for your health if you use them in the air fryer?

Not at all!

Using Bratwurst means they’ll get even crispier, juicier, and more delicious.

And since they come out super fast, all you need is to have a few minutes before serving.

12. Oven Baked Sausages with Potatoes, Vegetable and Gravy

This recipe is not only easy, but it’s also 100% vegetarian!

Instead of using meat, you’ll use potatoes and vegetables.

And instead of cooking over a flame, you’ll cook them in the oven.

Be sure to keep an eye on your potatoes when serving (and pile them high!).

They can easily burn if they aren’t cooked right.

13. Cheesy Brat Stew

I’m sure you already have all the ingredients on hand, so this is a good one to try if you need some basic bratwurst recipes.

You’ll use ground beef for the classic American dish, along with onion, peppers, garlic, pepper flakes, and tomato paste.

Of course, you can skip those last few ingredients if you want it super-savory.

But I think that would be missing out!

14. Oven Baked Cast Iron Skillet Beer Brats & Potatoes

Yeah, we all love beer brats and potatoes!

But what if you threw in some tasty veggies to boot?

These oven-baked beer brats and potatoes are a game-changer.

They have a crispy exterior surrounded by an oozing, mouthwatering filling.

And they’re so easy to make.

What could be better than that?

15. Instant Dutch Oven Brats And Sauerkraut

Here’s another side dish recipe that doesn’t take long to make.

And it’s a simple one that comes together in just 20 minutes or so, though it will cook for a couple of hours.

The flavor is mild and earthy, but the sauerkraut adds a nice tanginess that makes the whole dish more than tolerable.

16. Roasted Brats in the oven with Raisins, Cabbage and Onions

I know this sounds like a pretty straightforward dish, but it’s actually one of my favorites.

The raisins and onions add such sweetness to the meat, while the cabbage is crunchy and juicy.

It’s also so easy to whip up in the oven.

The whole process only takes 15 minutes.

This recipe is best paired with some pulled pork for a complete meal.

17. Bratwurst Casserole

As I said before, brats are a great meat for bratwurst casserole.

They have a nice tender bite that holds together well to make a surprisingly flavorful dish.

You’ll start by browning the sausage and then adding in the onions and peppers.

Then you’ll add in the cabbage, tomatoes, Worcestershire sauce, and seasonings.

The sausage mixture is so simple that it wouldn’t be surprising to see it come out of a can.

If you don’t like Worcestershire sauce, try using your favorite condiment instead.

In that case, leave out the chicken broth.

That will save you some time too!

18. Beer Brat Bath (Brat Hot Tub)

A bath full of beer in your tub while watching Friday Night Lights is a brilliant idea!

This bath isn’t just for kids, but also adults.

That’s because this bath is filled with beer-soaked bratwurst and sauerkraut.

While it may seem a little strange, don’t be surprised to see people try to put their arms through the bubbles.

Beer bathing is simple and satisfying.

Plus, there are no chemicals involved.

Can you guess how inexpensive this fun activity is?

19. Quick Bratwurst Pizza

This bratwurst pizza is a game-changer.

It’s the perfect recipe for anyone who loves bratwurst and pizza!

To make this one, you’ll need beer, olive oil, garlic powder, onion powder, Italian seasoning, salt, pepper, paprika, and brown sugar.

Once it’s ready to go – slice up your favorite type of pizza and top with this delicious sauce.

Whether you want it spicy or sweet – there are no rules here!

20. Brat Tater Tot Casserole

Brat potatoes, cheese, and bratwurst are flipped on their heads to make this brat tater tot casserole.

All you’ll need to do is cook the potatoes in a separate pot until they’re soft.

Then add some more salt and pepper, along with the shredded meat.

What makes this dish so special is the bacon.

Bake it until crispy and then pour over the cheesy filling.

21. Bacon Wrapped Beer Brats

You can’t go wrong with bacon and beer.

Since both are deep fried, it’s always a winner in my book.

These brats are ideal for a game day party or just as an appetizer for your next cookout.

The beer helps the meat stay juicy and flavorful while the bacon gives it that classic flavor you know and love.

In this recipe, we’ll wrap everything up in a paper towel to help keep those juices from spilling out.

But of course, if you want them extra crispy, be sure to pat them dry before wrapping.


22. Creamy Cheese And Brat Casserole

This recipe is so good, you’ll want to put it on the menu.

It has a rich, thick sauce that coats every bite of bratwurst and cheese.

It’s a must-make!

Made with cream cheese mixed with sour cream, Velveeta cheese and parmesan, this casserole is creamy and cheesy to boot.

I like to use Colby Jack instead of regular cheese for extra flavor and texture.


23. The Ultimate Bratwurst Casserole With Cabbage & Potatoes

A bowl of this bratwurst casserole is the epitome of comfort food.

It’s a wholesome, delicious meal that takes 10 minutes to make.

It’ll satisfy your hunger and fill you up with veggies and protein.

Plus, it’s so easy to make!

The Bratwurst in this dish is tender, juicy, and packed with flavor.

Serve this dish with sauerkraut for a more authentic German taste.

24. Nürnberger Sausage

This is a classic German dish that’ll impress even the most picky eaters.

Sausages are stuffed into bread, then baked until golden brown.

It’s the perfect dish for a lazy Sunday afternoon or an evening meal with friends.

The panko breadcrumbs give this recipe a crunchy texture and the sausages extra flavor.

A combination of large beef, beef mince, and pork will make this dish as tasty as it is filling!

Serve with fresh veggies and salad for an easy meal or serve alongside mashed potatoes to take your time eating!

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